Today’s question is about sugar-free energy bars for diabetics…

I’m diabetic. I’m looking for a sugar-free bar. Does Larabar make what I’m looking for?


Well, looking at the Larabar I happen to have sitting on my desk, the only ingredients listed are dates, pecans, and almonds. So there is no added sugar, but the bar still contains 16g sugar (which would be from the dates.)

To confirm this, the wrapper even states “No added sugar” (as I mentioned in my review of Larabars.)

To go one step further, I took a look at the Larabar website to see if they offered any advice on this subject. I found that the Larabar contains “no added sugars or sweeteners,” and that it presents “no significant blood sugar raise for diabetics.”

From what I can see, it looks like the Larabar is indeed what you are looking for.

But just in case you are searching for more options, there is another bar out there called the SoLo GI bar, because it is low on the Glycemic Index. It does contain sugar, but their FAQ page states, “SoLo bars are excellent for diabetics, because they help manage blood sugar throughout the day.”

Aside from those bars, it’s going to be difficult to find any conventional energy bars that don’t contain sugar, since sugar is the body’s main source of energy – hence the name, “energy bars.”

But both those bars taste great, so at least you have two good bars!

(I thought that would answer the question, but there is a “Part 2” to this question…)

Which Larbar are you looking at? Is this true of all Larbars? Or, do you have a sugar-free or reduces sugar bar. Do you understand what I need to know? Do all of the Larbars contain dates. Surely your developers have this nutritional information. The sugar is not listed on all Larbars.

Sixteen grams per serving is twice what a half cup of milk contains. Let me know, as I like your product and would like to enjoy it often.

Dude, I don’t work for Larabar. I just eat Larabars. If you need to get in touch with their “developers” you will have to call or email Larabar directly.

But thanks for giving me an idea of what a customer service rep must deal with every day!

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  1. Another bar worth taking a look at is the Hammer Bar. It has no added refined sugars. The Almond raisin flavor has 15g of sugar. In addition to sugar from dates and raisins, I’m guessing there’s some from the agave nectar.

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