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It’s easy to look at the $2245 Peloton indoor bike and think it’s crazy expensive. A lot of cyclists don’t even spend that much money on their bike for riding and racing outdoors. You might compare it to a regular stationary bike, where even the good ones are less than half this price, but that’s not it either. The proper comparison is the Peloton bike plus subscription VS a SoulCycle or Flywheel studio membership plus transportation and other fees. And Peloton looks rather affordable in that instance.

See, the people buying the Peloton are not hardcore cyclists. Heck, they might not even ride a bike outside! These are people who participate in spinning classes. Specifically, the boutique classes at high-end studios like SoulCycle and Flywheel.

That gets expensive when you add up the total costs.

How expensive? Let’s see…

The Total Cost of Going to SoulCycle

Costs to attend SoulCycle include:

Membership: $515 membership fee per month*

*Membership details

Travel/Transportation: $121 transportation costs per month**

**Transportation details

Add it all up and that’s $636 per month.

Over the course of a year, you would spend $7,632 going to SoulCycle classes.


That’s not even counting the amount of time spent going to/from the studio. Or the fact that you have to work your schedule around the class times.

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So let’s see how the Peloton compares.

The Total Cost of Ownership for a Peloton Bike

Costs to purchase and use your own Peloton stationary bike include:

The bike itself: $2,245

*Peloton bike packages

Classes on-demand: $39 per month

**Peloton content/programming

Travel/Transportation: $0

There are no travel expenses because the bike is inside your home.

***Delivery and setup

For your first year, you would spend $2713 on a Peloton bike and classes.

You’ll probably want some other accessories, like the mat. And some nice cycling shoes. And shorts.

But you’d need most of that anyway, regardless of the bike you’re riding or studio you’re attending. And you don’t need super fancy clothing since you’re in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The Price Comparison

A year of SoulCycle classes is $7,632. A year of classes on your very own Peloton bike is $2,713. Whoa – that’s 64% less!

Buying a Peloton and using it for a year, as many times as you like, costs less than half as much as going to SoulCycle!

It also saves you time going back and forth to the gym.

And let’s say you get hooked on cycling (because cycling is awesome!) Your second year on the Peloton bike is… only $468.

Yep. Your bike is already paid for! Your costs are only the membership fee for the content.

Year two with Soul Cycle… the same price as the previous year!

If you don’t like it…

If you hate riding inside, in your own apartment, you can always sell the Peloton indoor bike and recoup some of your costs. List your Peloton bike for sale and you’re bound to get inquiries.

If you get sick of going to SoulCycle, your unused classes are useless.

You can see why the Peloton makes sense.

Looking at the true costs, the Peloton bike makes sense. It’s even a value. An amazing value!

(The Wire Cutter did a much more detailed cost analysis but still came to similar conclusions.)

If I lived in the city, and I wasn’t already a hardcore cyclist with a nice indoor trainer hooked up to Zwift on my TV, I’d definitely consider the Peloton.

Would you buy a Peloton? Or would you rather be riding outside in the peloton? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!
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