Today’s question is about choosing a bike repair stand that costs under $200….

Hi Levi, What’s your favorite sub $200 repair stand. I’m considering the Ultimate Pro Elite, Spin Doctors Pro G3, Park Tools PCS 10, and the Feedback Sports Pro Classic.

Repair Stan

Hi Stan,

$200 is a good budget. You can get a really good repair stand for that price. It’s far better than buying a cheap bike repair stand that’s unstable, fragile, or annoying!

Plus, a lot of repair stands that retail for $300 can actually be found for $250 or less, so I’m going to mention some of them, too. (Because they’re great pieces of equipment, and you might decide it’s worth spending a little extra.)

In the long run, you’ll save money by doing your own repairs, so I’d consider this a good investment.

Feedback Sports Repair Stands

I think the repair stands from Feedback Sports are awesome. I’d choose one of those in a heart beat. They have a great tripod base that is stable on a variety of surfaces, as well as a very nice adjustable clamp. They’re great for both road and mountain bikes. They can be used on both flat and bumpy, uneven surfaces. Plus they fold up for easy transport.

[Note: Feedback Sports purchased the Ultimate brand of workstands, and now everything is labeled under the “Feedback Sports” umbrella.]

They offer many great models to choose from. There’s a very good one for $175 – ‘Sport Mechanic’ – and then some slightly improved models from $205 to $250.

You can buy the $175 Sport model on; same with the $200 Pro Classic model.

There is also the Feedback Sports Rakk, which is a wonderful bike stand. It’s good for storage as well as repairs and maintenance that don’t require a true repair stand. Priced at $38 and yes, available at

Spin Doctor Pro G3

I managed to find the Spin Doctor Pro G3 pretty cheap on sale because Performance Bike always discounts it then offers coupons on top of the discounts. I couldn’t resist the low price, so I personally use one of those and it works very well. I’ve had no problems at all and highly recommend it if you’d like to save a little dough. (It is very similar to the Feedback Sports repair stands, but usually cheaper.)

I’ve even seen the new Spin Doctor Pro G3 Deluxe Workstand on sale for under $200. If you can find one for really cheap, go for it. Otherwise, the Feedback Sports repair stands are a safe bet.

Tacx CycleStand

This work stand from Tacx is a cool stand for if you’re doing simple, basic maintenance. No need to clamp the seatpost or remove a wheel. Your bike simply rests on its bottom bracket and there’s a rubber strap to hold it in place.

Modestly priced at $120. And, it might be the most stylish stand if it’s going to live out in the open in your home or apartment.

Park Tool PCS-10

As much as I like Park tools, I’ve never liked their lower-priced repair stands a whole lot. The PCS 10 looks better than the Park stands I’ve used in the past – way better than the PCS-9 – but I’m already sold on the tripod base design available on other stands.

In the $300+ category (and $400+ category), definitely look at Park Tool. Those professional models are some nice stands! But for entry-level workstands, shop around. The other stands you’re looking at are so nice, there’s not really any need to consider other options.

These repair stands from Feedback Sports, Spin Doctor, and Tacx are good for repairs, general maintenance, and washing your bike. You’ll be very happy with a new work stand.

DIY Bike Repair Stand – A good idea?

You’re bound to come across Pinterest and photo after photo of homemade bike stands. Think twice before you follow suit.

Unless you have a lot of raw materials sitting around, or you need a completely custom stand, or you really enjoy playing with sections of PVC pipe, I wouldn’t DIY.

If you’re doing it just to save money, you might save some money, but you’ll probably end up with an inferior product.

(Yes, I have built many homemade bike stands over the years… I’d never go back to them now!)

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  1. I splurged on the Feedback Sports Pro-Elite. Best decision I ever made!

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