Does getting a proper bike fit make you happy?

I’ve read all the virtues of proper bike fit, from riding faster to riding more comfortably, and of course increasing your power output and alleviating lower back pain. But does it make you happy?

I had to ask myself that after seeing the following picture:

next bike too small for dad

That’s a screenshot from the NEXT Bikes website homepage. The girl looks to be on a proper bike for her, but that dude is on a bike that is WAY TOO SMALL! But he still has a huge smile on his face!

Then you look at something like this:

pro racer tour de france
Photo credit: Gaetan Lee

That is a professional racer in the Tour de France, so he must have a proper bike fit. But is that the face of happiness?

What about this guy:

serious cycling book cover

I can’t imagine how many hours he spent in the wind tunnel to get a proper bike fit, but is he any happier now? Doesn’t look like it.

So I can only conclude that getting a proper bike fit is useless!

OK, we all know that that dude just got paid to smile and that you really should get a proper bike fit. Getting a professional bike fitting is great, but expensive, so you can do that or get some free bike fit tips online and work at it yourself. Whatever you do, try to get a proper fitting bike!! It is far from useless!

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  1. Haha, nice, i was planning to post a neg comment, but then i read the gray part. hehehe

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