Like to cook healthy food at home? Then you might use one of my favorite ingredients – oat flour. Oat flour is great because it is a hearty, whole-grain flour. It blows away typical white flour when it comes to health benefits. (Oats contain soluble fiber which has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and improve heart health, which is why Cheerios are promoted as good for your heart.)

Oat flour also makes a great substitute for whole wheat flour, especially if you are allergic to wheat! Or you can mix oat flour and wheat flour together for a healthy combo!

Whatever you do, you can easily make your own oat flour at home! Here’s how:


You need:

  • Rolled oats
  • Blender


This is a very simple process:

1. Dump some rolled oats in the blender.

oats in blender

2. Blend.

blending oats in blender

Then just keep blending until the oats have turned into powder, and ta-da! You now have oat flour!

oat flour

That was extremely simple and easy, and there you have a healthy, 100% whole grain oat flour.

(Aside from cooking bread and making your own energy bars, it could even be formed into a paste to soothe a sunburn!)

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  1. i started doing this when making home made bean burgers. i found i was using a lot of bread crumbs and/or or white flour to thicken up my mixtures, so i switched to the oat flour as a more nutritious (and tasty) solution.

  2. Thanks for the information – I was looking at a recipe for oatmeal cookies that called for oat flour. Now that I know how to make oat flour I can make them right away!! Love your website – lots of terrific info!

  3. Can this oat flour be used exactly like wheat flour?

  4. @Liz

    Yes, with an asterisk.

    You won’t get the exact same end result, so if you’re making oat bread or something, do a test batch first to see if you like it.

  5. Thanks for the information on how to make oatflour. Now I can make my oatmeal panckes.

  6. This is great for people on gluten free diets. Great source of fiber and a whole lot cheaper than buying oat flour!!

  7. I am a diabite and they say not to use wheat flour. will oat flour be ok ?

  8. @Evelyn

    I’ve heard that oat flour is fine for diabetics, although I’m not a doctor.

  9. hey thats cool! i think that i will try it sometime nad try to make some pitas or a loaf. thanks

  10. Have you ever tried making Oat Milk? I have used it as a replacemnet for regular milk and as a less expensive alternative to rice and soy milk. By cooking 1/3 cup rolled oats in 7-10 Qts of filtered water, cooling it and then running it through a blender ( and strainer if you like) with a bit of vanilla, I have found it makes a refreshing drink served cold and a warm, liquid “comfort food” served hot!

  11. This seems too simple! I was just about to buy some oat flour for a blueberry muffin recipe and decided to see if there was an easy way to make my own oat flour. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to give it a try today.

  12. When using oat flour in recipes, do you need to use XANTHAN gum (or other) to replace the gluten properties? (like in cakes, breads or cookies)

  13. @Christine

    Kind of depends. I use oat flour mainly for homemade protein bars and such. In that case, it doesn’t really make a difference.

    I use it in bread too, but that’s usually in combination with wheat flour.

    For making a typical bread, cake, or cookie, (but mainly for the bread and cakes) and using oat flour to replace wheat flour, you probably will want to use xanthan gum.

    Here’s a good discussion on a more food and cooking-oriented website for further reading:

  14. How much Xanthan gum do you need per cup of oat flour?

  15. Thanks on how to make oat flour.. saved me from buying at the store! Also thanks to Janet on making Oat Milk!! Been making my own soy and rice milk.. now Oat Milk sounds really good. Thanks to Aaron too for the tip on bean burgers.. need a good recipe, though. Got one?? Thanks!

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