Six Inches is a simple isometric exercise to work your abs.

six inches

Step 1: Lie on your back. You can place your hands at your sides, or under the small of your back for extra support.

six inches

Step 2: Keeping abs tight, lift feet six inches off the floor and hold.

You can do one rep holding this position as long as possible, or you could start with three reps of 30 seconds each, and work your way up.

Six Inches video:

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  1. 6 inches is supposed to be six inches from the bottom of the heel. With the bottom of the heel being above the knee in this video… uhh…

  2. @huh

    Thanks for double checking my math and measuring skills. While the exercise does indeed call for your feet to be literally “six inches” off the floor, the workout is going to be the same, whether your feet are 6″ or 12″ above the floor.

    When I have athletes perform this exercise, I have them focus on the exercise itself; i.e., contracting their abdominal muscles and holding the position. The exact height of the heels is not a priority.

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