The Boxer Ball Crunch is an advanced version of the ball crunch. In this case, you move a lot more, which incorporates more core muscles.

boxer ball crunch

Step 1: Lean back on ball like you’re doing a regular ball crunch. (But instead of crunching straight up, you will rotate your body in an oval as well as going forward and back.)

boxer ball crunch

Step 2a: Contract your abs and pull your head and shoulders up, but instead of going straight up, you’ll rotate your upper body in ovals. In this example, you can see I am moving my torso in a clockwise oval.

boxer ball crunch

Step 2b: Continue moving in the oval until your body is back to the start position. Be sure to face forward the entire time.

Then repeat, flowing from one rep to another.

Do at least two sets – one clockwise, one counterclockwise.

Boxer Ball Crunch video:

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