If I had to give out any more tips on run/kayak/bike triathlon training

I am a solid runner and a recreational kayaker and have decided to try a mini ironwoman with a 6.2 mile run, a 5 mile kayak and a 27 mile bike 7 weeks from now. Do you have some mixed sport training advice?

Mixed Mara

Hi Mara,

I’m assuming you have read this article – Run/Paddle/Bike Triathlon Training Tips. It covers most everything about training for and competing in one of these triathlons.

But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the “brick workouts” where you tackle two or three different disciplines back-to-back in one workout. Everything just feels so different if it’s preceded by a strenuous workout of some other type.

So if you only apply one thing to your training, make sure it’s the brick workouts. Whether it’s run then kayak, run then bike, or a full run-kayak-bike session, just do it.

These articles from other triathlon sites might help too:

Introduction to Bricks and Build Triathlon Success with “Bricks”

Just keep in mind that with kayaking instead of swimming, your legs might stiffen up and cramp while stuck in the kayak, leading to a slow start on the bike leg. That’s why I really think full run-kayak-bike workouts are important in these circumstances. (A run-kayak or a kayak-bike workout is good, but doesn’t really capture the race experience.)

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