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Book Review: THE PAIN-FREE CYCLIST: Conquer Injury and Find Your Cycling Nirvana

There comes a time when cycling is no longer fun. That time is when it literally hurts to ride your bike. The worst part is, it’s usually the repetitive motion and hunched over position from cycling that is the reason you got hurt in the first place!

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Tested: RockTape + RockSauce

Remember the 2008 Summer Olympics when Kerri Walsh came out with some weird tape all over her shoulder? Back then, hardly anyone knew about kinesiology tape. Fast forward to today, and you see the tape everywhere! Pro athletes and weekend warriors alike are using the tape to

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Ask Levi: Do Rotor’s Q Rings Help With Knee Pain?

Today’s question is about the Q Rings from Rotor and if they can help with knee problems… Howdy Coach, Do q rings help with osteoarthritis in the knees? I have compact Specialized Ruby. Should I change? Ruby Warrior Hi Ruby, Interesting question! I’ve had knee problems myself

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Tested: DonJoy Cartilage Knee Brace

When I couldn’t get rid of my knee pain when cycling (long story,) the first thing I tried was a knee brace. I like the DonJoy Cartilage Comfort Knee Brace that I am reviewing today…

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