Not everyone is happy with warm socks. Some people require totally waterproof socks…

I need totally waterproof socks for adventure racing! I’ve read Seal Skinz socks will leak water in the cuff!

Please help,
Wet Willy

Hi Willy,

I’m betting you have read my review of Seal Skinz socks. I think they are awesome for wet, muddy terrain, and ankle-deep water.

If you’re out canoeing and have to wade through knee-deep water, I’m not sure what would be best. I haven’t used the Seal Skinz socks for that purpose, so I can’t say whether or not the cuff would leak.

There are special socks for this purpose though – the Seal Skinz Waterblocker. They have a special cuff at the top that is supposed to be completely waterproof. For $45, I hope it is!

But yes, I have also read some reviews (notably the ones at that say Seal Skinz socks leak water down the cuff if you wade into knee-deep water. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t fare any better in deep water than the regular Seal Skinz.

Unfortunately, I don’t even know that the SealSkinz waterproof socks are even made anymore! I don’t see them listed on the company website.

Also, if the Seal Skinz waterblock cuff doesn’t keep water out, I’m betting that most other waterproof socks of that length are going to have the same problem.

The problem being that they let water in… and it can’t get out!

showers pass waterproof socks

You probably wouldn’t be any better off with the Crosspoint Waterproof Hi-Viz crew socks from Showers Pass, despite how high quality their products are. They only come up to mid-calf, and if they fill with water, that’s going to be miserable.

Since buying hip waders (made for fishing) or a wetsuit (for ocean swims) would be impractical, what I would recommend is sticking with regular wool socks for your adventures. Wool socks stay warm and comfortable when wet, and you wouldn’t have to worry about them filling with water.

One of my personal favorites is the DeFeet Wooleator sock, or for cooler weather, the Woolie Boolie.

If durability is an issue (and it probably is for adventure racing,) consider Darn Tough socks. They have a lifetime guarantee! I’ve been beating up on mine and they’re still going strong!

Or maybe get the best of both worlds with the Showers Pass waterproof wool socks! It’s a waterproof sock with a merino wool liner!

Of course, then you need some waterproof pants to complete the look!


If anyone has more suggestions, please chime in with a comment below!

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  1. You need waterproof socks with tight waterproof pants over top of them. Similar to how a “dry bag” seals itself shut.

    Or face the facts – you are adventure racing. If you stay warm and dry, where’s the adventure in that?

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