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wtb rocket v race saddle

The WTB Rocket V Race Saddle was my favorite saddle for years. It’s still one of my favorites and top recommendations today.

In 2002, I was riding on this crappy little Koski saddle. I didn’t know a whole lot about racing saddles at the time, so I just used it and didn’t think much of it. I was able to do 50 miles on it, so I just went about my business.

Then one day I was test riding my buddy’s Gary Fisher 29er and felt the pleasure that is the WTB Laser V saddle. Man that thing was shaped perfectly and very plush, but not overly squishy.

I set out to find a similar WTB saddle for my race bike… and that’s how I found the Rocket V. It was a lot smaller and lighter than the Laser V, but since it kept that same shape, it was very comfortable!

I made that switch in late 2002 and never looked back! I’ve had a few Rocket V’s on a few different bikes since then.

To sum up what I like about it:

Small and light. While not as small or light as a road saddle, the Rocket V is small enough that I can maneuver around it comfortably during XC races. It’s also light enough to be right at home on a race bike.

Comfortable. There’s not a ton of padding, but there’s enough. And it’s firm, but comfortable. Very comfortable. I’ve ridden one for 6+ hours and enjoyed it!

Price. The price is very reasonable. The Rocket V Race can be found for around $50 or so, which is a steal for a nice saddle. To get the very nice and extra light Rocket V Stealth, expect to pay $100 (only warranted if you’re an elite racer.)

Is there anything I didn’t like about it? I don’t think so!

My final verdict is…

There is no “one size fits all” saddle, but this one sure is close. Many of my riding buddies run a WTB saddle and they love them. I can highly recommend the WTB Rocket V Race.

These days I ride the Fizik Aliante almost exclusively (it fits me just a tad better than the Rocket V), but I still think the WTB Rocket V is a good saddle to try, especially if you’re new to mountain biking.

Official website: www.WTB.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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