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wigwam 40 below wool socks

You can never have too many wool socks. Anytime I find nice wool socks for a good price, I buy them. Which is why I have the Wigwam 40 Below wool socks that I saw for $11.

This is a big, thick wool sock. It’s 50% wool, 48% nylon, and 2% spandex. The actual color is “grey twist” but I’d call them tan or brown. I got size Large, which fits mens shoe size 9-12.

Had these not been on sale, I might have still bought them thanks to the “Made in Sheboygan, WI” on the label. In other words, made in the USA.

First Impressions

I tried the socks on as soon as I got home. They slid onto my feet easily, and felt great. The sizing was spot-on for my shoe size 11 (Euro 45) feet.

The socks look really thick, but it’s a very loose weave, making the socks breathable and super light. The experience was like wearing a lightweight summer sock, except for how they kept my feet warm in the winter!

The thickness also made them feel like extremely comfortable slippers.

Testing Them Out

I started out just wearing these socks around the house on cool mornings. They were sooo nice! I used these mainly for lounging around, but eventually took them outside for a real test!

I used these socks for a little winter hiking and lots of XC skiing. They were warm and comfortable, and everything seemed fine…

Then I wore them inside again. I think it was under a month since I bought them, but the legs lost virtually all their elasticity. They didn’t have much elasticity to begin with, but they would at least stay up on my legs. Not any more.

When wearing just the socks, they would droop down and bunch up around my ankles. It got pretty annoying and uncomfortable.

I was still able to wear the socks for XC skiing since my boots hold them up. They still provided warmth, no problems there. But for loungewear and running, I skipped these socks.

Durability Testing

Although the socks no longer felt like nice athletic socks, I continued to wear them for a season of XC skiing.

Unfortunately, after another month or so of skiing, these socks showed noticeable wear on the heel. As in, they were very close to having holes in the heel. You could see my skin.

I’ve had a number of other wool socks (Defeet Woolie Boolie, to name one) last me for a few years when I was wearing them all the time and putting them through hell. These Wigwam socks showed the same wear after just a few months!

I kept them a while longer since I hate to throw things out, but man, they just kept going downhill!

wigwam socks totally worn out

My final verdict is…

Not a terrible sock, but not recommended. Get some Defeet Woolie Boolies or other wool socks that feel like they have some spandex around the calf so they don’t slide down. Those are usually more comfortable and much more durable as well.

Anything from Darn Tough is going to be better than these.

Official website: www.Wigwam.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Could be a bit more form fitting. Not bad for an inexpensive sock.

  2. More like 40 above!

    Almost to the point of being useless for boots as they tend to slip down into the shoe. Its not comfy. Very disappointed as I have other Wigwam socks that I love.

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