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wicks website screenshot

Need a super lightweight alternative to skull caps and sweat bands? Try Wicks Sweat Protector Strips.

Unlike a full skullcap, or even a headband or helmet liner, these are tiny. They are strips. Just a little bit bigger than butterfly bandages. But they claim they can keep sweat out of your eyes when mountain biking!

And we’re going to see if they work!

I’ll admit – initially, I was very skeptical. I couldn’t tell much about the product based on the pictures on their website (see screenshot above), so I wasn’t confident in the product.

I mean, it’s just a little strip of material, yet it could be a replacement for a thick headband? That’s ambitious.

So let’s open up the package and — wait, what’s this?!

The product looks nothing like what you see on the website homepage.

On the website, the Wicks appear to be small, thin, and clear.

In real life, they’re noticeably different than I expected.

See for yourself:

wicks sweat protector strips packaging

First, they are colorful.

Second, the material is a thick fabric, which reminds me of felt.

wicks sweat protector strips

This was all very surprising! However, after digging deeper into the website (going into the “Shop” area), I did find some real-life product pictures that show the Wicks as what I received in the mail.

My first impressions of Wicks

I would describe these as miniature headbands for your eyes.

I do like the idea, but my assumption is that there is no way that a couple of these will absorb all the sweat that pours off my forehead!!

Will you get any style points? Unlikely.

wicks sweat protector strips

The beige set is pretty close to my skin tone, so it won’t be that obvious that I’m wearing them. The blue ones, on the other hand, will almost certainly get some funny looks.

How to use the Wicks

These are easy to use. Simply peel one off the backing and then apply it above your right eye. Apply another one above your left eye. Done!

wicks sweat protector strips

They’re so big that you don’t have to get it exact. Actually, they are so wide, they’ll connect like a unibrow!

To be honest… they look sort of obnoxious!

Not that other headbands are particularly fashionable, but these are on another level. I’m definitely a function over fashion type of guy, but this is pushing it. Who knows though, maybe they’ll catch on like that black paint athletes use under their eyes?

The good news is, if you’re a cyclist, the strips are mostly hidden by your helmet and sunglasses.

Do they work?

I put these to the test during some road bike rides in the warm summer afternoon. The kind of day where you do get hot and sweaty, but you enjoy it. Not a day where you are immediately drenched in sweat due to the heat.

Having been very skeptical of these strips, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much sweat they could absorb. They do a pretty good job for how tiny they are.

For rides under one hour long, they absorbed most of my sweat. If I was climbing a hill, I’d still get some sweat dripping down my face.

Here’s the thing though – these strips have to do two things:

  • Absorb all the sweat from my forehead
  • Stay attached to my forehead

My tests showed that these are not sticky enough to last through hours of sweating.

Here we see it falling off my forehead, and I’m aware something is wrong:

wicks sweat protector strip falling off forehead

And my look of disappointment:

coach levi looks disappointed by wicks sweat protector strips

So even though they do a pretty good job absorbing sweat, at some point they’ll just fall off. For me, that seemed to happen after an hour of moderate riding.

(Your results may vary based on your skin, any lotions or sunscreen on your skin, how much you sweat, etc.)

How do these compare to traditional headbands and skull caps?

Compared to a cheap headband, the Wicks might absorb just as much sweat. It’s possible the Wicks would fall off no sooner than a thin mesh headband would be saturated and then let sweat drip into my eyes.

The catch is that the headband could be wrung out and re-used many times. For a long ride with Wicks, you’d probably want to carry spares.

Considering a skull cap, there is no comparison.

The Sweat Hawg skull cap is my personal preference. It’s a must for anyone that sweats heavily.

Now, there’s no denying that it’s bigger, bulkier, and heavier than the Wicks sweat protector strips.

But – here’s the important part – the Sweat Hawg product keeps sweat out of my eyes in nearly any conditions. And it never falls off. I can always count on it.

Who is best suited for these Wicks?

If you are someone who doesn’t sweat a whole lot, doesn’t worry about looking silly, and definitely doesn’t want a skull cap covering your head, the Wicks might be a solution for you.

What’s the price?

The price is $7.99 per pack, which includes 10 pairs.

It’s not a big investment to try them out, but it’s important to consider that these are individual use.

Even if you really like them, the costs add up quickly. Over the course of a summer, you could easily spend $64 on these. And then you’d have to do the same next year.

My final verdict is…

The Wicks are better than I expected. They do work, and they’re comfortable. However, they’re kind of funny looking and not nearly as reliable as something like the Sweat Hawg headband or skull cap. They’re not right for me.

I don’t want to discourage you from trying them, though, because they are neat.

Official website: www.EyeWicks.com

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