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The first Under Armour shirt I got in my size (small) fit a little tight, and the seams cut into my armpits. It sucked.

But since the shirt felt neat otherwise, I wanted to try something else. So I bought an Under Armour “loose fit” shirt in size small, hoping the seams didn’t bug me.

Well, they don’t! The fit on this one is great. It fits like a regular t-shirt though. It’s not tight at all (I was hoping it would be a slim fit, but it really isn’t slim at all.)

Note that it’s part of their “Training” line, not the “Compression” line. Only the “compression” lineup of shirts are tight and form-fitting.

It is part of the HeatGear line though, so it still has Under Armour’s “signature Moisture Transport System which wicks moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and your body temperature consistent in any condition.”

It also has some sort of Odor-Control, which controls odor by preventing the growth of odor causing microbes. So far, I haven’t noticed any strange odors emitted from the shirt.

Comfort is alright. It’s comfy enough that you don’t think about it, but it doesn’t wow you like some of Under Armour’s other gear.

The color is “atmosphere” which is like a mix of light gray and sage green, with maybe a little beige in there.

Durability seems alright. I used it for over a year, but it wasn’t used often. Now, it has some noticeable scrapes and some seams coming undone, but any shirt that’s used for activities like sports and weight lifting will get beat up like that.

My final verdict is…

This turned out to be an alright shirt, but it’s not quite as comfortable as the UA Tech shirt or the Steel Stretch shirts, and lacks the compression of other Under Armour shirts.

The shirt isn’t bad by any means, but it’s nothing special. Plenty of other moisture wicking shirts are just as good, if not better. I’d look at the UA Tech t-shirts instead.

Official website: www.UnderArmour.com

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Date last updated: 2010-09-27
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