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udderly smooth

If you’ve ever worked on a farm, you’ll know that keeping a cow’s udder smooth and comfortable is an important part of getting fresh milk. If you’re a cyclist, you’ll know that keeping your backside smooth and comfortable is an important part of finishing a ride without saddle sores.

So it makes perfect sense that products designed for cow udders would work for certain parts of a cyclist’s body, too.

Today we’ll look at the aptly named Udderly Smooth Udder Cream, which could prove to be a low-price substitute for some expensive chamois creams.

What I’ll be looking for in this product is something I can apply to my skin that will lubricate it and eliminate friction between my skin the the chamois in my shorts. I’ll also want it to feel nice, last long, and not leave a greasy residue.

My First Experience with Udderly Smooth

Before I thought of using this stuff as chamois cream, I actually had a container of this to use for hand lotion. It came in one of those pump jars for ease of use, and it seemed like a decent hand lotion, although I couldn’t understand how it would work as chamois cream.

When I used it, it just rubbed right into my skin and didn’t seem to leave any sort of lubrication on my skin. I checked the ingredients and it turned out to be just a water-based moisturizer, so I didn’t consider it a great choice for a chamois cream.

For dry hands, though, it was alright. And possibly for cow udders (although I did not test it on any cow udders as part of this review!)

Get it in the jar!

udderly smooth

I was ready to forget about Udderly Smooth, but after some careful thought, I figured the Udder Cream out of a jar might be a little thicker and better for cyclists’ use.

I was right. I actually got the cream in the tube, but by skipping that pump jar I was able to get a somewhat thicker cream. Udder Cream is not thick, though. It’s fairly thin, and it’s not creamy, but it sure is slick!

And that’s what you want – something that reduces friction (which will reduce chafing and keep you more comfortable.)

According to the Udder Cream testimonials, this stuff prevents saddle sores and blisters, so many athletes do agree on this stuff. You could probably lube your butt, feet, legs, and arms with this stuff, depending on where you have chafing problems, because of the texture. It’s thin enough to rub in your thighs or under arms, yet thick enough you can still lather it on your butt for long rides.

However, it won’t last through long, hot rides. It will get washed off by your sweat, and also by rain, so watch out for inclement weather. For longer, harsher rides you might want something thicker. Although if you like this, here’s an idea…

You can get a large jar of Udder Cream for at home, and grab a small 2oz tube that will fit in your jersey pocket. That way you can reapply as necessary at rest stops.

The only downside I see is that Udderly Smooth contains parabens (methylparaben and propylparaben.) These are just preservatives found in some beauty products, but they are the subject of some controversy over potential links to cancer and estrogen effects. So when in doubt, simply avoid the substances.

My final verdict is…

I’m now a fan of Udderly Smooth, and it’s something you could try for yourself. I like to use it on shorter rides (one hour range,) but I still like my Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter Creme for 3-5 hour rides.

A jar of cocoa butter cream and then a tube of this Udder Cream is a great combo, especially when you can get both of these for less than the price of one jar of name-brand chamois cream.

Official website: www.UdderlySmooth.com

Buy online: Amazon.com

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  1. Great idea! I would not plunk down the money for luxury creams if I could get this.

  2. I see that Dave Z has brought out a chamois cream too.


  3. Dz Nuts gets the award for being the funniest brand of chamois cream, that’s for sure!

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