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thorlo experia socks

I’m not sure why people are always complaining about getting socks for Christmas presents. Apparently they’re not getting socks like these Thorlo Experia Multi-Sport Socks that I’m writing about today!

I’m simply fascinated by socks. Wool socks are by far the best, but a good Coolmax sock like this still makes me pretty darn happy!

Apparently Thorlo is a very well-known brand, heralded for their cushioned socks. That was news to me – I had never even heard of them!

I guess that’s a good thing, though, because most of the Thorlos are designed to alleviate foot pain. I never felt the need for extra cushioning in my socks, so, I never sought out the products Thorlo makes.

That all changed with their new line of Experia socks which is made “for people without foot pain.” These socks are “lightly cushioned.”

thorlo experia socks

And they’re beautiful! The orange won’t match my red running shoes, but it should look great with my black bike shoes during cyclocross season.

I like to look down and see “Powered by THORLO Pads” which is great advertising for them, but still fun.

Here’s a better picture of them where you can see the front and back:

thorlo experia socks

You’ll see the top of the foot has a neat design, and the back part that extends up your calf also dawns the orange stripes. The thing is, that’s not where the magic is. The magic is in the plain black fabric on the bottom of the sock. You can hardly even see it in the pictures.

BUT… you can feel it!

wearing my thorlo experia socks

Putting My Thorlos To The Test

I tried to put these socks through a lot of abuse in a short amount of time. Here’s what I did…

General daily use

They feel great when I pull them on – nice and tight, but not too tight. They’re the perfect size and fit. Just sitting around, they feel nice. Walking around the house, they don’t feel a whole lot different from my other socks. Still, they’re very comfy!

Did I mention I love new socks?!


N/A (but coming soon!)

Less Than Jake concerts

I wore these socks to a Less Than Jake show in Pittsburgh that involved about two hours of standing and then an hour up front, jumping and dancing. I completely forgot about them, but in hindsight, my feet were definitely comfortable. (As comfortable as they could be when getting stepped on.)

Mountain biking

N/A (but coming soon!)


This is where I could really feel the benefits! I absolutely loved running in these socks, despite my general lack of interest in running!

It’s weird because cushy socks are so much different than cushy shoes. It’s a different type of comfort.

My lightweight XC shoes with these socks was a magical duo! Thin soles + cushy socks = win!

With each stride, my foot would land in comfort. I could still feel the ground, and everything felt normal, but that thin cushioning really helped.

To be sure, the next day I went running with regular socks (some nice, brand new Puma socks.) I could not even tell I had socks on! I could only feel the shoes. It really made me miss the Thorlos!!

I’ve run in the Thorlos many times since that first day, and each run has been just as delightful!

A Few More Review Points

Here’s what I look for in my socks:

Quality and Durability

While I like new socks, I still like when they last for years and years. It’s too soon to say how these will fare (it’s only been a month.)

What worries me is that I often have problems with socks like this where there are different materials sewn together. They’ll rip at the seams. (I’m pointing my finger at you, Adidas!) In this case, the problem area would be where the white material attaches to the black material. Only time will tell!

One good thing, at least in theory, is that these are made in the USA. The problem is that I’ve had socks made in the USA that were very poor excuses for socks. (I’m pointing my finger at you, Wigwam!)


It’s going to run you $16.99 for these. The wool version is a bit more – $20.99. Nice Patagonia wool socks can be had for about $18.50, so these are a tad bit more, but mostly in line with prices for similar, high-quality socks.

Want to see your options? Check out the rest of the Jet Black collection to see the Coolmax and wool socks in crew and mini-crew lengths.

I was pleased to see they have a good selection of socks of all types, including some cool ski socks for $22.


I got the Large, with is meant for US Mens shoe size 10.5-11.5. I wear an 11.5 running shoe and they fit perfectly.


While these are very thin and minimally padded, they are certainly padded. My cycling socks are very very thin with no padding, so there’s no comparison. Some of my running socks are thicker, but not necessarily as well padded.

It’s hard to explain, but somehow these socks provide a ton of cushioning without being thick. It must be some sort of wizardry!

wearing my thorlo experia socks

My final verdict is…

Totally love these socks. It’s like running on clouds. And I swear they help me to run on consecutive days (a rare feat for me). Awesome and highly recommended!

I bet the wool version is the best winter running sock around!

Official website: www.Thorlo.com

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