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Finally! I’ve been waiting three weeks for these! Yes, my Focus Night & Day contacts are here. It’s a long story why it took so long, so I’ll save that for later. For now, I want to tell you how great these contacts are.

focus night day contacts

If you’re not familiar with these, they are contacts that you can wear for up to 30 days continuously. No need to take them out at night. (Hence the name.) I’m not sure about you, but I really got sick of having to take out my contacts every night and clean them. And then having to put them back in in the morning. Now I don’t have to!

What about if you wake up at night? Can you see without your contacts? You could put your glasses on, but that’s just a temporary fix. These contacts take care of that problem, too.

Want to know the main reason I switched to these? I’m a mountain bike racer, and sometimes races require camping out in the woods either before, during, or after a race. It’s not easy or convenient to take your contacts out. If you’ve ever tried to clean your contacts out in the woods, well, it’s not exactly clean!

At home it isn’t that big of a deal with normal contacts, but I really didn’t like dragging my bag of contact supplies wherever I went. It is so much easier with Focus Night & Day.

Now that I have these, I don’t even think about Lasik surgery anymore. Switching contacts once a month isn’t that big of a deal. I think Focus Night & Day are a perfect compromise between the hassle of contacts and the risk (and cost) of Lasik.

Here are some tips if you decide to get Focus Night & Day:

1. Ask your optometrist for a trial pair. This way you can try them out for free to make sure they work for you.

2. Get some lens drops. These lenses will dry out a little easier since they never leave your eyes, so it’s a good idea to keep some drops handy.

3. When you switch to a new pair at the end of the month, let your eyes go for a full day without contacts. They need some time to breathe. Sometimes I go for a few days or a week just to be safe.

The first few days, I actually felt like taking them out at night, out of habit. After that short adjustment period, I realized that these contacts are amazing!

There is only one downside to these contacts: They can freeze during cold winter bike rides. I think it is because these contacts have a higher water content than other lenses (to make them light and breathable). But whatever it is, these contacts aren’t a good choice for winter rides where it’s cold and windy.

That’s preventable though. If you will be riding or skiing, simply wear ski goggles. That will keep your eyes protected from the elements.

Want to buy some now?

I’ve been getting mine from Lens.com. They have the best price overall, and you can usually find a coupon code for them. I have gotten the best prices by ordering 2 or more boxes per eye (in each order).

Or check your local optometrist.

So why do I suggest the online retailers?

That’s explained by the long story I mentioned at the beginning.

So I went to my optometrist for my regular eye appointment. Everything started out OK (except for the customary 2 hour wait). I didn’t really want to go, but I needed to get a new prescription if I wanted to get the Night & Days.

I got a trial pair, wore them for 30 days, and then went back so they could check my eyes (mainly to see if my eyes had gotten enough oxygen). Everything was fine, so it was time to buy the contacts.

As expected, they didn’t have any in stock. Since I was leaving the state to go to college the next day, I wanted to go to Wal-Mart or order online to ensure quick delivery and no hassle. Well, my optometrist assured me they could ship my contacts directly to my school. The receptionist assured me they would be there within a week.

Two weeks later, with no sign of the contacts, I was getting very angry. The worst part was, I was currently wearing an older pair of normal contacts, but I didn’t have my cleaning solution. Not a good thing for my eyes. But I had been assured my new contacts would arrive…

Turns out, it took them a few days to order the contacts, then they had to be shipped to one of the office branches. Eventually they were shipped to me. Actually, they were addressed to Maine instead of Massachusetts. Typical doctor’s handwriting.

Anyway, I have them now, and all is well.

My final verdict is…

I’ve used these for a few years now and have had no major problems. They save lots of time messing with cleaners and got rid of all the hassle of regular contacts. (And the increased cost of the lenses is offset by not having to buy cleaning solution.)

So go get a trial pair and see if they work for you!

Official website: www.AirOptix.com

Buy online: www.Lens.com

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  1. Are Focus Night & Day still around?

  2. @Kim

    Focus Night & Day were discontinued and replaced with something called the Air Optix Night & Day. These are supposed to be the same thing, but I’ve had some issues with them being much less comfortable and more prone to tearing – I do NOT think they are the same.

    Unfortunately, this could mean going back to regular contacts from a different brand for some people. (I’m undecided.)

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