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natural sun in blue container

With quite a few people switching to all-natural and organic products these days, it might be time for Aubrey Organics to come into the spotlight. According to their site, they “produce 100% Natural Hair Care, Skin Care and Body Care products” and “use all natural ingredients for their shampoos, lotions, moisturizers, soaps and make-up.” Plus, a lot of their stuff is vegan-friendly!

I was first introduced to their sunscreen during the summer of 2006, which was a welcome find after reading about the dangers of the harsh chemicals in typical sunscreens. After a couple summers of testing, I realized it was time to spread the word to my fellow cyclists.

Today we’ll look at two of their sunscreens, an SPF 25 sunscreen for active people and an SPF 25 sunscreen that is great for children (or adults with sensitive skin.)

[Note: My pics are of the older container style. It used to be orange, now it’s blue. Who knows what it will be next! Just remember, it’s still the same product.]

aubrey organics active sunscreen

Ideal for active lifestyles

This is their high-performance sunscreen custom-made for swimmers, boaters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. I would say it’s a great sunscreen for cyclists then!

When you put this stuff on, it’s solid white. And it’s thick. Then you rub it in and it still leaves a bit of a whitish tint on your skin. That doesn’t really matter though, because the point is to protect your skin! Plus, you’re riding your bike, not competing in a beauty pageant!

Here are before and after pictures of applying it to my leg. The “after” shot looks pretty normal; the sun has to hit just right to really notice the white tint.

sunscreen on my leg
sunscreen rubbed in

I think it’s the titanium dioxide, a mineral that deflects burning rays off your skin, that causes the residue. But if it deflects burning rays, I’ll gladly take the residue!

Ever see that study that said wearing sunscreen will keep your body 20% cooler than if you’re not wearing sunscreen? I never really paid attention to that until I got this stuff. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but I think I do stay cooler when this stuff is reflecting the sun off my body. (It’s just like driving a white car instead of a black one.)

Other ingredients include white camellia, organic shea butter, and jojoba oil, all of which keep your skin well-nourised and moisturized while you’re out there braving the heat and wind.

I’m surprised at how well this sunscreen stays put. I can go ride for hours in 90 degree heat and sweat like crazy, but when I’m done, I can still feel (and see) the sunscreen. I even have to wash it off in the shower after a ride – it’s that strong! If your normal sunscreen washes away when you sweat, consider trying this stuff.

Even better, your skin feels refreshed after using this stuff!

But maybe you need something less sporty, even more soothing, and gentle? Then take a look at this…

aubrey organics green tea sunscreen

Ideal for children

This is a sunscreen that still provides an SPF of 25, but it’s made with green tea and other soothing ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. It’s ideal for children or adults with sensitive skin.

This stuff is more of a beige color and it rubs into your skin a little better. It still works well in bright sun, but it’s probably better for casual situations. It might leave a bit more residue than your typical sunscreen, but if you rub it in, it’s not even noticeable.

Just be careful when you’re putting it on your arms, though. If you glob either sunscreen onto your hair, it will stick there for a while!

sunscreen in arm hair

You might want to rub it on your hands and then spread it on your arms.

Also, remember to shake the bottle before you use it. Since it’s full of organic, natural ingredients, it doesn’t stay together as nicely as the normal stuff.

Both varieties run about $8.50 for a 4 oz bottle. That’s more expensive than Coppertone Sport sunblock, but it’s still cheaper than some Neutrogena and Bullfrog lotions.

It’s also comparable to Soleo Organics and Badger sunscreens, the two other safe/natural sunscreen companies.

My final verdict is…

This stuff is great! It’s one of the only sunscreens I trust, and it never lets me down on long rides.

If you’re out in the saddle in the hot sun, definitely get some of the “active lifestyles” sunscreen. And if you have sensitive skin, try the “green tea” variety.

Official website: www.Aubrey-Organics.com.

P.S. I have yet to do a video review of these products, but that’s OK, because the Naturally Savvy girls already took care of that, and did a great job:

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