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terramar sleeveless base layer

During my baselayer addiction/buying phase last summer, I got this Terramar Microlight Sleeveless Base Layer from Nashbar. I’ve been faithfully using Terramar’s clothing (mostly base layers) for many years since I love their stuff.

This shirt did not disappoint! Even better, it was only $15. (Compare that to the Demarchi one I hated which cost $20.)

This shirt rules. It’s soft and comfy. It just seems right.

I got a size small, but it’s pretty big for a size small. It’s barely smaller than the size medium stuff I have from Terramar. If you’re a skinny cyclist normally wearing size small, you’d probably fit XS just fine, since it’s nice to have base layers be pretty tight.

But the key is the arm openings – there’s plenty of room there, with no seams cutting into my armpits.

At first, the shirt was a good size for use while running or exercising. This year, after packing on some upper body muscle, I found this size small to fit just right.

Aside from just being comfortable, the material has cool technical properties. First, it’s rated UPF 25+. This rating means it blocks 96% of the sun’s UV radiation. (UPF is basically like an SPF rating, but it applies to clothing instead of sunscreen.)

Also, it uses “ec2 Qwik-Dri” technology:

EC2 Qwik-Dri technology has the ability to actually lift moisture molecules away breaking them down for rapid evaporation. This patented process does not involve the use of add-on chemicals but is a permanent molecular change. Since the EC2 Qwik-Dri process alters the molecular signature of the yarn in our fabric, the moisture control is permanent. It won’t wash out or wear off.

I wore the shirt for quite a few bike rides and it always worked well. The longest time I wore this shirt was as a base layer for a five hour motorcycle skills training program in direct sun (90 degrees,) and it kept me dry and comfortable.

I find this shirt even better for running and other workouts. I wear it as my only upper-body layer.

My final verdict is…

This might not be my #1 favorite undershirt, but it’s still a great moisture wicking shirt that I love to wear often. It has good construction, good fit, a very soft feel, and it’s stylish.

I’d definitely buy it again.

Official website: www.TerramarSports.com

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Date last updated: 2010-07-19
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  1. First off, I wanted to say I really enjoy this cycling blog, the reviews and advice, and I have saved many blog posts for future reading.

    In regards to base layers, I’m not clear what the purpose is of a moisture-wicking base layer under a cycling jersey? Would this be done in hot temperatures or ?

    Dave 🙂

  2. @Dave

    I started wearing base layers to decrease chances of road rash on my torso (in rare cases) without getting too sweaty.

    Some base layers are marketed as to keep you cooler than going with just a jersey, but in my experience, that’s just sales talk.

    So now I usually only add a baselayer to stay warmer when temps are below 65 or so.

    More to come in a future blog post… 🙂

  3. ok–thank you 🙂

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