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stretch island fruit chews box

Always a sucker for a good deal, I just piled a shelf-full of Stretch Island Fruit Chews into my shopping basket on my last trip. (“Raz-mataz berry” flavor, if you were curious.)

These were on the Big Lots clearance shelf for $1. With 5 pouches per box, we can do the math and see that each 100-calorie pouch (same as an energy gel) cost a mere 20 cents. That’s a great deal… if they are any good during a ride or race.

I had no idea what to expect with these things. All I knew was they were based on natural ingredients like fruit puree, so they weren’t going to taste like candy!

And I was right! The taste and texture are most similar to those Archer Farms fruit bars.

Instead of a bar, these are very small and weird looking. Imagine licorice bites but cut up even more, and more natural looking (they’re kind of reddish brown, rather than bright red.)

The texture is somewhere in between dried fruit and applesauce. Overall, certainly not bad, just not particularly exciting.

Supposedly these “provide one full serving of fruit” in each serving, but I find that claim to be a bit of a stretch (pun intended.) Though not loaded with junk, I still wouldn’t compare them to fresh fruit like an apple or peach. Or a bowl of raspberries, which tastes much better!

stretch island fruit chews

Would it be a good energy gel alternative?

Well, these aren’t quite as convenient as a gel, since it’s harder to get them straight from the pouch into your mouth. They’re fairly similar to energy chews, but smaller, so again they require more effort to ingest.

The great thing is, they will practically melt in your mouth. So once they’re in your mouth, they’re super easy to eat.

And during a long ride in hot weather, when I was starving, I found them absolutely delicious!!

The problem comes from the retail price. If I’m correct that $3.68 is the common retail price, these pouches are about 75 cents each.

At 20 cents, they’re great, but above that, I’m just going to get some Clif Shot Bloks.

My final verdict is…

These are tasty little snacks that aren’t filled with excess artificial junk. For $1 per box, I’d definitely grab some for energy gel alternatives. But at retail price, I’d stick with the real energy gels for greater convenience.

Official website: www.StretchIslandFruit.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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