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sidi genius 3 road shoe

Cycling shoes are one of the biggest investments you’ll make aside from the bike itself, easily topping $200 a pair. Heck, $350 isn’t uncommon these days for nice shoes!

Luckily, a good road shoe will last for many years. I am currently using the Sidi Genius 3 Road Shoe which I purchased in April 2004, and it is still going strong after nearly six years!

Here is what I love about this shoe:

It is lightweight and comfortable. Without cleats, this shoe is super light! It almost feels like a sock when you put it on since it is so light and supple. There might be some lighter or more comfortable shoes out there now (especially considering these ones are six years old,) but Sidi road shoes are some of the very best.

The Lorica and mesh construction is pretty soft at first, then becomes even more supple after use. It never gets stiff, even when wet and/or old.

It has a good, adjustable fit. To make sure the shoe is snug, it offers two Velcro straps and an adjustable buckle and ratcheting strap. The Velcro provides for quick tightening, and the buckle allows micro-adjustments for the perfect fit.

It’s really easy to release the buckle, too. You simply press on a tab and pull the strap out. It’s intuitive, unlike some complicated lacing/buckle systems.

It has a stiff sole. While the regular Genius shoe does not have a carbon sole, it is still stiff and durable. It is stiff enough that you do not feel any loss of power, but not so stiff that it hurts your feet. It’s the perfect compromise. (Pros in the Tour de France wear Sidi Genius shoes, which means the sole should be stiff enough for you!)

Lastly, this shoe is durable and rebuildable. I have been beating on these for years (hot, cold, rain, snow, mud, gravel, etc.,) but they look to be in nearly mint condition! The Lorica gets some scuffs, but it is super strong; I doubt I’ll wear through it anytime soon.

The Velcro straps and buckles are all working perfectly.

The sole is slightly scratched from my gravel driveway, but not bad at all. Even if I do wear out the rubber pad on shoe’s heel, it’s easily replaceable.

I expect to get at least ten years of use from these shoes!

What are the downsides of this shoe?

You know what, I can’t even think of any!

The only thing that ever sucked was how heavy the shoes were when using the old fashioned Shimano SPD-R pedals, since the SPD-R cleats were extremely heavy and required a heavy adapter plate to fit the shoe.

Now that I’m running Look pedals and cleats, the shoe is very light with cleats attached, so I love it!

My final verdict is…

Sidi road shoes are very nice. Go to your local bike shop and try some on if you are looking for new shoes. They’re not cheap, but they are a great value based on the comfort and durability.

Official website: www.SidiSport.com

Buy online: www.REI.com

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