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sette stash pak

My Pedro’s Blowout Bag was getting a little too ripped up, and bags with holes in them don’t really work that well. So I was looking around and saw this bag (the Sette Stash Pak) on sale at PricePoint.com for $3.98, so I couldn’t pass it up.

OK so seatbags aren’t the most expensive things out there, but $4 instead of $15 or so was enough of a discount to catch my attention!

Thinking back to my Pedro’s Blowout Bag… it did the job, but it sure was a hassle to mess with it. You had to loosen all the straps so you could unzip the bag, so you practically had to remove the bag from the bike to get something out. (And of course, once you got what you wanted, you’d have to strap the bag back onto the seat rails and cinch it down, once again.)

So I was excited to get this thing on my bike and test it out…

Sette Stash Pak: The Good

Storage capacity – You can put a lot of stuff into 82 cubic inches! I put my tube, CO2 inflater with two cartridges, and tire lever in there no problem. They slid to the back. I could have fit another couple tire levers, patch kit, and a mini tool in there as well.

You could even fit two 700c tubes in there if you wanted.

Zipper placement – The zipper runs along the back of the bag, kind of in a circle. This makes it extremely easy to access the bag’s contents without touching any of the straps or moving the bag in any way.

Second pocket – There is a second zippered pocket on the very end of the bag that is the perfect size for stashing a few dollar bills or a house key.

Thickness – The top of the bag is very thick and firm. That’s good because seat clamp bolts can rip holes into thinner bags.

Belt loop – While not really a belt loop, the little loop on the back of the bag makes a great spot for clipping on a little red blinky light. (Which is a good idea when riding in low light conditions.)

Price – This cost less than $4, while most other bags range from $12-20.

Sette Stash Pak: The Bad

Velcro straps (around seatpost) – The Velcro straps that go around the seatpost are just attached to the bag as an afterthought. They don’t wrap around the seatpost nicely, and they end up sliding down.

(But… despite how I didn’t care for the velcro straps, and even though they look extremely cheap, they actually hold fairly steady. I was surprised.)

Velcro straps (around seat rails) – Trying to slide Velcro straps through loops and tighten it down without it sticking to itself is a huge pain. (At least you only have to do it once in a blue moon.)

Zippers – The zippers jingle. I only notice this on rough roads in very quiet areas, but I don’t like it.

Size – While the spaciousness is nice, this thing looks humongous on my bike!

sette stash pak

My final verdict is…

This turned out to be a pretty good seat bag, and for under $4 on sale, I can’t complain one bit. It’s too big if you’re a minimalist, but if you’re looking to carry a lot of stuff, it should work decently.

Obviously it’s not a top of the line bag, but it does the job. Check it out if you’re a budget-minded rider looking for a large seatbag.

Official website: www.SetteUSA.com

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