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rocky mounts noose sl

When I first started mountain bike racing, I’d throw my bike in the back of a pickup truck to transport it to races. Then I got a Jeep, and as long as the back seat was down, I could do the same thing. It was great because it saved me the expense of buying a bike rack (which can be pretty expensive.)

But then I had to drive to college, which meant my Jeep was completely full of junk, and there was no room for my bikes! (I liked to have three bikes with me at all times!) So I had to break down and get a bike rack…

Rocky Mounts Noose SL to the rescue! This rack was the answer to my prayers.

See, I wanted a roof rack. But most roof racks (Yakima, Thule, etc.) are about $120 each and require a base rack from the same manufacturer ($200 or so.) To carry two bikes up top, that would cost me $500.

But the Rocky Mounts Noose SL only costs about $85, and it can be attached to factory roof racks (like the one already on my Jeep.) So I spent about $160 for what I thought would cost $500. Sick deal!

Note: The Noose SL I am reviewing is no longer available. Its replacement is the TieRod ($119.95) but there is also the 9mm Noose ($84.95) which looks similar, but isn’t as nice as the Noose SL was.

Does it work well?

Yes. It works perfectly, and it’s plenty sturdy on my factory roof rack.

I can easily load and unload my bikes by myself, thanks to the simple quick-release closure on the fork and ratchet strap on the rear wheel.

Is it disc-brake compatible?

What I did was purchase a disc brake adapter for one of my racks. You could also cut a small piece out of the rack to make room for a disc caliper.

Or… purchase one of the newer racks Rocky Mounts has released in the last six years, which are fairly priced and compatible with disc brakes from the start!

How about the durability?

I first installed my racks in 2004. It’s now 2010, so I’ve had these same racks in use for six years. They are still going strong! There is a little bit of paint chipping and some rust, but they work just like they did when new.

Note: I removed the racks during the winter months, when possible, to prolong the rack’s lifespan. It’s easy to take them off and put them back on, so I suggest doing this. But they saw plenty of bad weather and even some snow during CX season.

Any security features?

Yes. I got some locking cores to go with my rack, so I can lock the fork in. That will deter thieves and prevent a quick theft.

Of course, anyone could still disassemble your bike with an Allen wrench if you left it completely unattended. But I just wanted something to deter thieves while I was at highway rest stops, and for that, the Noose SL was great.

Is the Customer Service any good?

Rocky Mounts’ customer service is great.

With my first set of locking cores, the key didn’t seem to work. I don’t remember the details, but something was screwed up once I mounted the locking core in the rack. So I emailed Rocky Mounts and they sent me new parts that same day!

It was really quick and painless and they were very helpful.

My final verdict is…

If you want a rack for your factory roof rack crossbars, get one from Rocky Mounts! My Noose works great and it’s cheap, so I’d bet the TieRod is a great option. I know Yakima makes a similar rack now (one that fits factory roof racks in most shapes,) but it’s still much more expensive than Rocky Mounts.

These Rocky Mounts racks are great.

Official website: www.RockyMounts.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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