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rhinoshield crashguard iphone bumper case

If you’re out bike riding, trail running, or rock climbing, and you’re carrying a smartphone, you want to protect it. In those situations, it’s a matter of when – not if – the phone will take a tumble!

That’s why when a case was being hyped up because it could protect your phone from drops as high as 11 feet, it caught my attention! I was convinced to buy a RhinoShield iPhone Bumper Case for my new iPhone SE. (Which by the way, is a compact yet powerful phone that’s excellent for outdoorsmen!)

I can drop my iPhone from 11 feet in the air?!

Yeah, the claim is that it protects your iPhone from drops of 11 ft – or more. And the case is rather slim and lightweight!

Sounds too good to be true. Let’s put it to the test!

The bumper case is thin and lightweight.

I got a white bumper case to match my white iPhone. I’d say it’s pretty stylish. It looks great.

Most importantly, it doesn’t cover up the natural beauty of the iPhone itself!

rhinoshield crashguard bumper case in box

It’s lightweight. You hardly notice the weight difference.

The best aspect is that it’s thin. Unlike other protective cases, it doesn’t add much size to your phone!

rhinoshield iphone bumper case thickness

(I’ve had an Otter Box before and it just wasn’t worth it. It was too big to carry.)

Apparently the protection and light weight are both achieved in part by this cool honeycomb structure on the inside.

rhinoshield crashguard bumper case honeycomb protection detail

That, combined with air pockets that supposedly function like air bags in a car, lead to amazing protection for your device.

rhinoshield crashguard bumper case honeycomb protection detail

The bumper case is only $25.

Your phone probably cost $400 or more. So $25 isn’t a bad price. (Especially if you choose not to spend the $99 on AppleCare!)

Then when you order on Amazon, you get a free back shield with the bumper case!

Then all you need is a screen protector.

Note: The reviews for the Rhino Shield screen protector seem mixed. That’s why I chose the Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Glass Apple iPhone SE Screen Protector – it has great reviews and it’s only $7.95

How tough is it?

I didn’t go out and drop this thing from 11 feet high.

Instead, I tested the case for 18 months of real-life use and abuse. There were a lot of drops. Some out in the woods, in the dirt. Sometimes on a hardwood floor or in a concrete parking lot, or riding down the road.

The taller drops came from around 6 ft high, so it wasn’t pushing the limits of the case, but it was realistic.

How did my iPhone fare? Not one scratch! There was no damage to my iPhone in all that time.

Only the case has sustained any damage. It has lots of nicks, cuts, and scrapes.

rhinoshield iphone bumper case

And some of the gray material is being worn away from sliding against my pants pocket on a daily basis.

rhinoshield iphone bumper case

I can’t complain though because the point of the case is to protect my phone! And that it does!

This normal wear doesn’t interfere with the case’s protective ability.

Want to see a phone dropped from 11 ft? A group called MobileReviews-Eh did that. it’s on video:

The case worked!

So whether you’re active outdoors, have a temper and like to throw things, or you’re just plain clumsy, this is a very smart purchase!

The case is very user friendly, too.

Not only does this case offer a great fit in a super thin, lightweight package that looks wonderful, it’s very user friendly. Everything is just so nice.

First, it’s super easy to install. You just snap it down.

With the case on, all buttons work, and neither the camera nor the speaker is obstructed.

rhinoshield iphone bumper case

I was really happy that this case isn’t as slippery as the Jetech case I had on my iPhone 4. That thing would just slide right out of my hands! The Rhinoshield crash guard is still a little slippery in your hand, so you have to be cautious, but really it’s no more slippery than the iPhone itself is.

Oh and the white case… is still white!

Things I didn’t like.

The RhinoShield backing. It was included for free, so I can’t complain, but I will say that it was quite the pain in the butt to install. I just barely got it on there to not interfere with the camera lens. And it doesn’t lay flat around the Apple logo and you can’t get rid of that air bubble.

rhinoshield iphone bumper case

There are other air bubbles, too, and that could be my fault. But even without the air bubbles, the backing looks cheap.

There is limited space for earbuds. Sure enough, my go-to running headphones would not work with this case. This case won’t let the cord plug into the headphone jack completely. It won’t click in solidly. Thus, no sound through my earbuds.

On the bright side, the Apple brand headphones plug in just fine! Yes, their basic $29 EarPods fit perfectly.

You could also invest in some $160 AirPods, but that’s totally unnecessary!

What about a bike mount?

Of course, this doesn’t have any sort of bike mount option. It’s just a bumper case.

The idea is that it offers a ton of protection in a small package.

If it’s vital that you can mount your phone on your bike’s handlebar, you might want to consider an integrated system with a bike mount and a phone case that’s made to lock into that mount.

Two popular options are the Topeak ride case and the QuadLock case. Those are cases with integrated bike mounts. They’re cool, but they’re more expensive (more than double the price), and they’re thicker.

If you’re like me, and you have a Garmin GPS to mount on your handlebar, then your phone can stay safely tucked in your pocket or hydration pack – in a Rhinoshield case.

My final verdict is…

The RhinoShield Crash Guard is a really good bumper case. It’s super strong and offers lots of protection, yet it’s slim and lightweight (so my phone still fits easily into my pockets).

This one has been under heavy use for about 18 months now, and it’s still going strong.

For the price, I highly recommend it. It might be the best iPhone bumper case I’ve ever used!

Official website: Rhinoshield.io

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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