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Pommello Sweats claim to be “clothes that work you out.” Other claims revolve around the idea of detoxifying your body through sweating, which, while accurate, can be misleading in this age of detox cleanses.

Really, they’re just thick workout clothes that don’t breathe well. Think of them as a comfortable, streamlined alternative to wearing multiple sweatshirts. They may also serve as an alternative to the sauna if you seek the benefits of hyperthermic conditioning.

The idea behind Pommello Sweats

It’s not just about sweating for the sake of sweating, as if more sweating equals a better workout.

It’s based on the concept of hyperthermic conditioning.

You know how people work out in heavy sweatpants and sweatshirts to get a good sweat going? Or even a sauna suit?

Basically, it trains your body to acclimatize to heat stress. But who wants to wear such thick, heavy clothing or an uncomfortable sauna suit?

The beauty of this Pommello clothing is that the pants and shirt are thin, light workout apparel. You’re more comfortable and actually look like an athlete.

They’re not the only company doing this.

There’s also Delfin Spa offering similar clothing. They make these claims:

DELFIN SPA’S HEAT MAXIMIZING Collection is comprised of a thin layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material which reflects body heat which is in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Boost workouts, enhance results from everyday activities and improve overall muscle health. The primary benefits may include: improved microcirculation to help flush toxins, increased perspiration and calorie burning during exercise.

Again with the whole “toxins” thing… but still, the athletic performance benefits are there.

You can even order their men’s shirt and men’s shorts on Amazon (where as Pommello seems impossible to find anywhere).

Why work up a sweat in the first place?

If you’re going to exercise, you’ll probably sweat. So, why do you want to sweat excessively?

There are two reasons:

  • As mentioned, because it trains your body to acclimatize to heat stress.
  • It also creates physiological benefits that will improve your performance in all conditions.

Maybe you’ll be competing in a hot, humid environment, but you live in a cool, dry climate. You would wear this clothing to help your body adapt to stresses it will face on race day.

It’s similar to the idea of sleeping in an altitude tent when you live at sea level.

For endurance athletes, this is mainly about specific adaptations that can result in greater athletic performance. We’re talking:

  • Increased efficiency of oxygen transport to muscles.
  • Increased red blood cell count (likely via erythropoietin).
  • Lower core body temperature during workload.
  • Reduced rate of glycogen depletion due to improved blood flow to muscles.

You might even build more muscle!

You can read all about those benefits in this blog post and this video/podcast from Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D.

There are also people who use this type of clothing to cut weight for wrestling or other combat sports – definitely NOT recommended for endurance athletes!

There are other touted benefits and reasons I could see the general population being interested in this. Perhaps they want to detoxify their body by sweating out all the bad stuff. Sure. That has all the scientific backing of epsom salt baths (i.e. none).

So I’ll skip over that aspect!

My testing experience and results

I’m extremely skeptical of any claims that this clothing can help to detox my body. But here on the east coast, I’m all but guaranteed to be competing in hot, muggy weather at some point. If this could help me prepare for those conditions, I’ll give it a shot!

The Pommello company sent me an outfit to test (long pants and a short sleeve shirt).

Here’s my experience:


In some ways, the material seems thin, but it also seems thick. It’s thicker than a typical cycling jersey or workout shirt, but thinner than a typical sweatshirt or hoodie.

I imagined a very thin material, and the comfort of sweatpants. So I was a little disappointed when I discovered the Pommello clothes look and feel sort of like wearing a wetsuit!

It’s seriously like wearing neoprene. There’s likely some neoprene in the material. So it’s not unlike wearing a wetsuit for dry land workouts!

If you’re a triathlete, you’ll feel right at home! 😉

What’s nice is that it’s form fitting, which is much more comfortable during a workout than a baggy sweatshirt.

And once you get them on, they sort of conform to your body, and then they’re very comfortable during your workout. You barely notice them. They didn’t restrict my movement during walking or running.


I usually wear size small or medium in workout clothes, depending on the brand. I ordered these in size small and they fit well.

It does take some effort to get into them – and to take them off – but I like the tight fit.


Both the pants and shirt are almost entirely all black. There are just a couple tiny white logos.

Black is always in style, right?

You can’t go wrong with black spandex.


My testing has been limited, so durability remains to be seen.

Do I think they’ll be durable? Yes. Partially because the material is thick enough to withstand any typical workout.

Functionality (Sweating!)

Do they actually make me sweat? Yes. Yes they do.

But it’s entirely different than I expected.

See, the first time I wore these for a run, it was a cool, pleasant evening. I felt normal – definitely not overheating – so I didn’t think I was sweating very much.

It wasn’t until after my 30 minute run that I noticed how much I was sweating. Once I stopped, I could tell it was like a sauna beneath my shirt!!

And that’s what it was like for all my 30-60 minute workouts wearing these garments. I’d feel fine, and I wouldn’t notice my sweat until so much built up that it started dripping out from underneath the shirt!

I’m extremely pleased with how well the clothing works!

The problem is that they stink.

My first thought when opening the package was that they smell like neoprene (i.e. awful) and need to be aired out!

But after washing and drying, then airing out in the open for more than one month… the smell subsides, but never goes away.

The worst part of my testing was an awful moment during a run when I was breathing heavily and inhaled the scent of the rubbery neoprene material that was STILL present!

Now, years later, the scent isn’t bad. But it’s still there.

They’re also really, really expensive.

According to the failed Kickstarter campaign, the retail price of the shirt is $155. The pants, $185.

So this is a $340 outfit?!

I’d certainly spend $34 on the set – even $34 per piece – in the interest of seeing the benefits of hyperthermic conditioning. But that retail price is steep!

At that price, I’d expect better than stinky clothes that need aired out for a month before wearing.

(I don’t think the product is even for sale publicly, though, so it doesn’t matter. You’d have to buy the Delfin Spa brand mentioned earlier if you want clothing like this.)

My final verdict is…

The Pommello Sweats provide a comfortable, easy way for anyone to try out hyperthermic conditioning without going to the sauna. At the suggested retail price, though, I question if it’s worth it.

Official website: www.Pommello.com

Buy online: N/A

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