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phenom coconut water

I think that all these enhanced coconut waters meant to replace sports drinks are nothing more than fads, but that doesn’t mean they don’t catch my attention. I grabbed one recently called Phenom Coconut Water because it looked interesting, and it was in a giant container.

I’d never heard of this brand, most likely because it’s only sold in GNC, a store best reserved for those gullible enough to think they can walk in and buy instant results. So I’ll give you the manufacturer’s description:

“New Phenom™ Coconut Water is the only coconut water fortified with GNC vitamins and minerals! This 100% natural coconut water, supercharged with GNC vitamins and electrolytes, is an excellent source of hydration with zero fat, added sugar, or cholesterol.”

I actually laughed out loud at this (more on that later,) but it does describe what the product is, so it’s better than most bodybuilding supplements!

Phenom Coconut Water Taste Test

I chose the flavor not seen anywhere else – Lemon Mojito. I’ve never had a mojito-flavored drink, nor have I had a mojito with lemon, so I figured it’s perfect.

The other flavors sound great though:

  • Unflavored
  • Orange Guava Passion
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Blueberry Pomme
  • Acai Peach

I might as well have tried the unflavored one, because this lemon mojito was really similar to plain coconut water.

I didn’t get any mojito flavor whatsoever! (But I’m not a huge mojito fan, so I don’t know if that’s good or bad!) I wanted to try a unique, interesting flavor, but at the same time, this flavor was palatable, so I can’t complain.

The best way to describe it is coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice added. Nothing more than that.

I also tasted a slight bitterness, which probably comes from the added caffeine and B vitamins.

Overall, it was a huge disappointment after trying the VitaCoco brand. Their flavored coconut waters give you the taste of both coconut water and whatever other flavor is included (mango, for example.)

Health and Nutrition – A Joke?

Remember how I was laughing earlier? It’s because I think the idea for this water is idiotic.

To understand why, first think about why coconut water got big in the first place…

It was because coconut water is a completely natural source of electrolytes. So WHY would you want to add in extra electrolytes and other junk?!

It defeats the purpose. You either buy coconut water or you buy a sports drink. I see absolutely no point in combining the two.

I wouldn’t say it’s unhealthy. It’s basically coconut water plus some stevia/rebiana for a sweetener, so it shouldn’t do any harm if consumed in moderation. I just think it’s pointless.

My final verdict is…

I’d much rather have real coconut water for enjoyment or a low intensity workout. (If you must get it from a bottle, at least choose a better one like VitaCoco or Amy & Brian’s.)

For serious training and racing, I’d get a true sports drink like Hammer Heed.

Official website: PhenomWater.com

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