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performance coolmax kevlar cycling sock

I’ve noticed a slight problem where I spend quite a bit of money (like $10 per pair) for little cycling socks, only to have them get holes in them after a few races. So, trying to kill two birds with one stone, I picked up a pair of the Performance CoolMax Kevlar Socks.

This is a cycling sock from the Performance Bike house brand, so it’s inexpensive, and it’s reinforced with kevlar, to increase durability. I think the retail price is $8, but I got them on sale for $6. I figured at that price, it’s worth a shot!

Being made from Coolmax, these socks are great for sports. Coolmax wicks sweat so your feet stay cool and dry. So in that regard, these socks do function nicely for cycling socks. Cotton socks don’t even compare.

What makes these socks special is the “reinforced heel and toe offer excellent abrasion resistance.” The main part of the sock is gray, then the toe and heel are yellow. I guess that signifies where they put the kevlar reinforcements (which makes sense, since those are high wear areas.)

But before I could really test out the durability, I ran into a couple issues.

First, the sizing.

I usually wear a size 12 shoe. That put me in the range for the XL size, so I got that size. The XL turned out to be a little too big for me. It’s close, but not perfect. I wouldn’t advise getting the XL unless you are a solid 13 shoe size.

If you’re in the 11.5 to 12 range, I guess size Large is the one to choose.

This led to a problem with the comfort.

Due to that sizing discrepancy, the socks bunch up in the middle when I place the heel section on my heel. It’s mildly annoying, but not too big a deal though, since I don’t really notice that when riding. It was more comfortable if I pulled the sock tight, but then the heel was back a bit too far.

The real problem is the rough fabric. The inside of the sock is kind of rough, and it scrapes my Achilles tendon. It doesn’t cut my skin open, but it’s not exactly comfortable.

If you’re used to Sock Guy socks or something like the Defeet Wooleator, you probably won’t find these socks as comfortable.

Durability on these is probably pretty good. But due to the sizing issue and discomfort, I don’t wear these enough to really test the durability, and I don’t like them enough to buy any more.

I’ve worn them at least as much as my Pearl Izumi Attack socks, though, so I can compare the two. The Performance socks are way more durable than my Pearl Izumis, all of which have holes in the toes.

My final verdict is…

These Performance Coolmax Kevlar socks seem to be quite durable. But…

I don’t like these socks a whole lot, so I won’t be buying any more. They’re not awful, but I’d rather just buy Defeet and Sock Guy socks since I know those are awesome. (Those socks are comfortable, durable enough, not overly expensive, and the sizing charts are spot on.)

Official website: www.PerformanceBike.com

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