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oury mtb grips

I’ve tried just about every brand of grip that comes standard on mountain bikes (Trek, Schwinn, Giant, Cannondale, Jamis, Specialized, etc.,) and they’re all thin and hard – definitely not what I want in a grip!

That’s why I have always switched to Oury mountain bike grips. These are big, thick grips that are nice and soft. They are very comfortable for long mountain bike rides.

I like a thick grip and a thin glove, so these grips are perfect for me. They’re thick enough to cushion my hand and not cause pain, but small enough that I still have plenty of control on the handlebar.

oury grip

Another cool feature is that they come in many different colors – white, black, red, orange, purple, etc.

The only downside with the regular Oury grips is the ease with which they get “throttle grip.” If you install the grips well, they shouldn’t shift much, but the ends do shift a little bit. (And they can slip a lot if they get very wet.)

But that can be remedied by getting the lock-on version of the grip, or by installing the grips using a little spray paint. When that dries, it will hold the grips on pretty tight. Similarly, that “Carbo Grip” spray may work for holding these grips on carbon bars.

Or install them using only compressed air. The lack of liquid residue and twisting during installation will help the grips stick. Yet another option is to use zip ties cinched down real tight in the grooves of the grip, creating a non-adjustable lock-on system.

Note: the regular grips are about $8; lock-on Oury grips, about $18.

There are only two other grips out there that I consider worthy of competing with Oury – the ESI Chunky silicone grips ($19) and the Ergon grips ($40).

Oury vs ESI Chunky grips: Oury grips are thicker than ESI and have a different feel that’s kind of squishy. ESI grips are softer, but firm, and have that feel where they conform to your hand. Both are comfortable.

Oury vs Ergon grips: Oury grips are very soft compared to Ergon grips, which are a fairly hard rubber. The Ergon grip offers a bigger hand platform for more support, though. I like both grips.

My final verdict is…

The Oury grips are great mountain biking grips that have served me well for years. As long as my bike fits me properly, I can do 2-8 hour rides with these, without bad hand pain.

These are great if you like a nice thick grip. XC racers with hand pain issues should also consider Ergon grips, but downhillers will probably like these Oury grips. The only other standard grip I like is the ESI silicone grip. (It’s hard to go wrong with any of these three brands of grips.)

Official website: www.OuryGrips.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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