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omega nutrition apple cider vinegar

Back when I first worked up the courage to try apple cider vinegar (ACV for short), I was able to get started with Body Ami, a combination of ACV, honey, and fruit juice. It still tasted like vinegar (which I had always hated,) but after a few weeks, I got acclimated to it.

Then some of my friends and relatives tried it, and their collective response was, “it tastes like vinegar.” So that gave me the courage to try regular apple cider vinegar without any fruit juice or honey to sweeten it up.

The first one I tried was Jarrow Formulas Omega Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar “with mother.” It was $3.63 for a 12oz bottle at VitaCost.com, so it was one of the more expensive ones, but still less expensive than Body Ami.

And you know what? It was good! I guess once you get used to the vinegar taste in any form, you’re all set to try plain vinegar. (Body Ami tastes great but it’s not really any better than this, and this is way cheaper.)

The taste is like a tangy apple cider. I mixed it the same as Body Ami: 1 Tbsp ACV plus 8oz water. That gave a great flavor that was potent but not excessively bitter.

omega nutrition apple cider vinegar

As for quality, this seems top-notch. According to the description, Jarrow Formulas produces their ACV “the old fashioned way.” Basically, it is unpasteurized and unfiltered so it contains all the good natural stuff, like trace minerals and enzymes.

You can even see the mother floating in there. The “mother” is just little bits of pulpy stuff. The vinegar itself is like a medium yellow-brown, then the bits of dark brown mother look like floating plankton.

I have tried a few other apple cider vinegars since trying this Jarrow Formulas Omega Nutrition one, and I must say, this is the best ACV I’ve ever had.

My final verdict is…

Jarrow Formulas Omega Nutrition is a little expensive, but it’s the best tasting ACV I’ve ever had. I’ll buy lots of this stuff, especially when it’s on sale at VitaCost. It’s also nice for traveling because of the small plastic container (whereas many others come in large glass containers.)

Official website: www.OmegaNutrition.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Stupid question but what are you using the ACV for??

  2. @Badger

    I never really knew this till the past year, but ACV is a very popular home remedy for nearly all ailments. You could create a sales pitch for ACV that sounds like a network marketing product (i.e. miracle cure,) except it’s cheap and easy to find everywhere!

    I can’t really vouch for the truth to this, but here’s what I’d like the ACV to do for me:

    Lower my blood pressure
    Reduce cholesterol levels
    Prevent colds, the flu, sore throats, etc.
    Decrease fatigue
    Help to break down fat cells
    Help the calcium in my diet to strengthen my bones
    Create a balanced pH level in my body

    I don’t have any hard results to measure, but I do think the ACV is helping me out. Plus, I do enjoy the taste and it’s cheap, so why not? 🙂

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