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olbas inhaler

Within that little tube lies an ingenious device called the Olbas Inhaler. It is basically a plastic tube containing an herbal formula (Menthol, oils of peppermint, cajeput and eucalyptol) with a hole in the top so you can breathe it into your nostrils.

You just take a whiff of that into each nostril and you get refreshment and/or allergy relief. It’s not a prescription inhaler, but it’s reported to provide similar benefits.

olbas inhaler

I don’t suffer from allergies, but I still think the Olbas Inhaler is sweet. I use it when my head is congested, and it clears my nasal passages and gives me a refreshing mental boost. It sure wakes me up, too.

I got it with the intention to use it before bike races. Some races (like cyclo-cross) are held on cold winter mornings when you might be a little under the weather, and this thing is supposed to help you breathe better.

I just leave it in my car and it’s right there when I need it. It’s about the size of a Chapstick container, so it’s easy to carry around.

Good news – it seems to work as promised!

Any proven benefits? Not really. It’s not like I win races when I use this and lose if I don’t…

But I will say it feels good and I’m glad I use it. I especially love it when I’m sick because it helps me breath a bit better. (Just be careful you’re not getting germs on it and keeping yourself sick by reusing it.)

using olbas inhaler

And it sure wakes me up when I use it! I don’t use it every single day, so I don’t know if it could lose its effectiveness that way, but for off-and-on use, it’s great.

It’s simple to use too:

Step 1: Close one nostril with finger.
Step 2: Place tip of inhaler into open nostril.
Step 3: Inhale deeply.
Step 4: Repeat with other nostril.

The best part is, it says it lasts at least 3 months after first opening. Heck, I still have one I got a few years ago and it works pretty well! So it’s been over 3 years and it’s still strong enough to clear my sinuses!

I love it.

(One final hygiene tip: You might not want to pass this around with your buddies…)

My final verdict is…

I highly recommend this. You can get one for about $4, and it lasts a long, long time (my first one lasted three solid years.)

I love it, especially for early spring races, when I’m sick or if it’s cold outside. It’s a great addition to your regular pre-race warm up routine.

Official website: www.Olbas.com

Buy online: Amazon.com

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  1. I have some trouble with allergies especially while working out, and this inhaler has been a huge help. I carry it on my long runs, anything over ten miles, and I have a hit of it whenever I am starting to feel tired. It gives me a boost and I speed up.

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