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niteize saddlelite on road bike

I have reasonably low standards when it comes to seat bags. If the bag holds stuff, stays attached to my bike, and doesn’t rip apart, I think it’s a good bag.

So when I found out about this Nite Ize SaddleLite LED Bike Bag, which is both a seat bag and a taillight, it’s safe to say it exceeded my wildest expectations!

It’s one of the most useful combinations of accessories I can think of!

Aside from races, I always carry a seat bag on my bike, but I never have a taillight since it’s not absolutely necessary. The times I should take one, I inevitably leave it sitting in a drawer!

Not anymore – now I always have a light attached! All I need to do is remember to turn it on.

That’s big for me because I’m not a commuter. I train and race. I simply don’t think to have a light with me. Then darkness creeps up on me, especially in the Fall as the weather is wonderful for long rides, but the darkness of the shorter days sets in early.

So, those days I’m not home before dusk (more and more common at this time of year,) I just click a button and presto, there’s light!

And since it’s an LED, it’s going to burn for hours and hours. When it is time to replace the batteries, it’s no big deal – a 2-pack of these “2016 3V Lithium Batteries” on Amazon.com is only $1.89.

[I’ve only had it a couple months, so I’m not sure how long the battery life is in real life.]

Some of my buddies have dedicated tail lights clipped to their seatstays, which is a viable solution, but the fewer objects clipped to my bike, the better!

Now let’s take a step back and make sure this is going to be a worthwhile seat bag!

Most importantly, what fits inside?

niteize saddlelite interior

This is a big bag, so I had no trouble fitting my normal items inside:

  • 700x23c spare tube
  • Pedro’s tire lever
  • Innovations Ultraflate
  • CO2 cartridge(s)
  • Mini tool
  • A few dollars
  • Backup energy bar

If you look closely, you’ll notice a couple neat features.

First, the interior is white. Most seat bags simply have a black interior that matches the exterior, but NiteIze went above and beyond and brightened the inside so you can more easily find what you’re looking for! Absolutely unnecessary, but appreciated nonetheless.

Second, the little mesh pocket on the flap. This lets you keep money, a credit card, and/or your house keys within easy reach. Exterior pockets for this stuff are nice, but that wouldn’t work because of the light placement. Plus, the extra zipper would add needless weight.

Does it attach to the bike securely?

niteize saddlelite ties

What’s that thing?!

It’s called a Gear Tie, and it’s something you won’t find on any other seatbags. It’s a sturdy but flexible twist-tie that easily wraps around your seatpost to secure the bag.

niteize saddlelite tied on

Once tied on, it won’t slip and slide around, nor will it make noise. And so far, it hasn’t loosened up on its own.

(If you want to feel one of these, head to your local Home Depot. They might have a special Nite Ize Gear Tie display up front.)

niteize saddlelite tied on

So, with the Gear Tie, and the traditional Velcro strap which wraps around your seat rails, I would say yes indeed, this is a very secure setup.

Does the light work?

It works great and it’s a piece of cake to use. All you do is push on the light itself!

If you want a solid light, push once. If you want it to blink, push twice in a row. A single push will turn the light off when your ride is over.

The light is on its own loop, so you can slide your index finger behind the loop, giving your thumb a solid backing to push against.

(Speaking of which, the loop can be removed, in case you want to wash the bag without worrying about damaging the light.)

Is the light bright enough?

This is a bit subjective. For some, yes. For others, maybe not. It’s certainly brighter than the little light I have that clips onto my jersey pocket. But if you ride in the dark on a daily basis, you could be better served by a bigger, dedicated taillight.

That said, here’s my attempt at photographing the light:

niteize saddlelite reflective stripe

This first picture was taken to illustrate the reflective trim. The trim is reflecting my camera’s flash nicely. (The light itself is not turned on.)

niteize saddlelite light

For this picture, the flash was turned off, and the light was turned on to solid mode.

To show the light blinking, I shot this quick video.

I always use the flashing mode because it catches attention more than a solid light would. Better battery life, too – a claimed 25 hours vs 20 hours. But it’s nice to have the freedom to choose.

Oh yeah, one last thing. The bag is made from recycled material. Cool.

My final verdict is…

This is an excellent seat bag if you need it. (Commuters, take note!) If you don’t need the light, it’s probably not worth the $33. But for anyone that uses a seat bag and would like to make themselves more visible to traffic without attaching a big light to your bike, this is just the ticket.

Official website: www.NiteIze.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Love those Gear Ties! Tool box is full of them.

  2. Can you confirm the battery life?

  3. This is a great idea since I ALWAYS forget my taillight! I used to leave it on my bike, but it got stolen once so quit doing that. My seat bag, I remember.

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