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mypainaway after burn cream

It happens every spring. We get a bright, sunny day, after weeks of dreary weather, and I spend all day out in the sun. In that situation, how am I supposed to remember to put on sunscreen?

No matter our best intentions, it’s common to suffer at least one sunburn each year. But at least there is one thing you can do after the fact to relieve the pain – and that is to use MyPainAway After-Burn cream.

This cream is powered by Topricin, which you may remember as being my go-to pain relief cream when I need to recover from aches, pain, and injuries. Well, now they have this variation. They claim you can use it for sunburn, windburn, blisters, chafing, itching, and more.

Despite my past experience with Topricin, I was very skeptical of this stuff. Topricin is great and all, but dealing with a sunburn seems entirely different, right?

Plus, I’ve tried everything! Some stuff helps, but nothing is all that impressive. Not even pure aloe vera leaf! (Aloe is good, but not perfect. And it’s messy.)

Let’s check the ingredients to see what’s going on.

What’s in this cream?

It starts with coconut oil and highly purified water, then there are many active ingredients!

I can’t possibly explain them all, but if you want to know more, they are listed here. Scientific research on some of these may be lacking, so I’m just going to judge this product on my results!

I will mention that the cream is made in the USA and it’s gluten-free.

mypainaway afterburn cream label

Does it work?

After two summers of testing, I am happy to report that yes, this stuff works!

Late spring of both 2016 and 2017 began with a nasty sunburn! And both times were essentially the same cause – I spent three hours outside on cloudy days, not expecting to get a whole lot of sun… only to end up beet red later in the evening!

The first day (when the sunburn is appearing), this cream relieved the pain and itchiness. It even allowed me to sleep at night (when normally the sheets would hurt my skin!)

The next day, I’d be feeling pretty good – maybe slightly sore, and a little warm, but not in pain.

The second day after the burn, I could be foam rolling and wouldn’t think twice! (If you’ve ever foam rolled when you have a bad sunburn, you know it’s painful!)

And as an added bonus, I would end up with a nice tan, rather than red, peeling skin!

I used the cream on four separate occasions, and it was amazingly helpful each time! I hope I never need it again, but knowing how well it works, it’s very reassuring to have around.

*There was one time when I got a pretty bad sunburn two days in a row. At that point, my skin was hurting, no matter how many times I applied this stuff. So, don’t make the mistake of getting sun burnt, in the same spot, two days in a row!

How much to apply?

What I did was I would apply this stuff liberally 1-3 times per day for 2-4 days after a sunburn. It was always dependent upon where I was and what else I had going on. In most cases, I would apply this twice on the first day, and then 2-3 times the second day, and then once a day for another day or two.

What else is it good for?

I bet it’s also good for sunburn and windburn you might get when skiing on a sunny day.

I didn’t really test it for chafing and itching (because I’ve found plenty of other creams that fix that). But I certainly needed to find a good sunburn healing cream!

Maybe there are good burn creams out there that work on sunburns, but the only ones I’ve used come in tiny tubes, and there’s no way that would cover a sunburn on my back and shoulders!

You know, something like BurnAid – but I feel like that’s better for actual burns in small areas, or more severe, second-degree burns. Plus, a box of packets costs as much as a big tube of this MyPainAway After Burn cream!

My final verdict is…

Much like Topricin itself, this MyPainAway AfterBurn Cream is incredible. It works so well for me! Apply it to a fresh sunburn and the pain goes away, then the burn turns into a tan! What more could you ask for?!

I can’t guarantee anything for you, but I think everyone should have a tube at home, especially at the beginning of the summer when it’s easy to get carried away with sun exposure because you’re not expecting a sunburn.

Official website: www.MyPainAwayCreams.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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