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I’ve always been one of those people that mosquitoes love to feast upon. If I’m in a group of people where everyone else is saying, “hey it’s nice that there aren’t any bugs around,” that’s not due to lack of bugs – it’s because the bugs are focused on me!

One potential deterrent is called Mosquitno and that’s what I’ve been testing this past week.

Mosquitno products – wristbands and stickers – are infused with 100% citronella oil that masks your human scents that mosquitoes are attracted to. You’ve probably seen other products containing citronella. There are citronella candles, tiki torches that burn citronella oil, and some bug sprays based on the stuff.

mosquitno spotz pack

The big difference between these Mosquitno wristbands and traditional citronella candles is that these products move with you. You’re not limited to one location as you would be with a candle. So, if you do crazy things like hike through the woods rather than sit still, you definitely want something that moves with you.

Citronella spray is an option, but I’ve never been a fan of the spray. It’s messy, could stain your clothes, and then all your gear smells like citronella. If I’m going to go that route, I’m just going to use a potent spray that contains DEET or Permethrin, because at least then I know it will keep the bugs off.

The Mosquitno bands, I can take them off whenever I want, and the smell is gone. Same with the Mosquitno Spotz. Just peel them off. No more smell, and no mess.

And these are DEET-free. I don’t know a whole lot about DEET, but it’s a harsh chemical, and it’s probably best not to get it on your skin unless absolutely necessary. You definitely don’t want it on your expensive gear, either.

DEET-free bug repellents have never been that effective for me, because like I said, mosquitoes LOVE me! But if I can find one that works, great!

mosquitno wrist band

So I Put Mosquitno To The Test!

The Mosquitno Bands come in kid and adult sizes, and being an endurance athlete rather than a bodybuilder, the kid sizes fit me perfectly! The adult size would probably slide back and forth on my wrist during trail running, and I’d hate it.

The band looks and feels just like any other rubber wristband, but if you put it to your nose, you sure smell the citronella! I’d get the occasional whiff of citronella (which I enjoyed) during my hikes and runs.

When you’re done, you can put the band back in its resealable packaging to preserve the scent.

It is claimed to last for 6 days. Mine still had a fairly strong scent on day 4, but by day 6, you really had to stick the band in your nostrils to get even a slight whiff of citronella. I’m still impressed because after my first day of testing, the band sat in its packaging for a week before I continued the 6-day test!

mosquitno spotz on hat

The Mosquitno Spotz are citronella-infused stickers that come in different colors, so essentially they’re the same thing in a different shape. I got a 6-pack of these stickers and for my hikes, I’d place one sticker on my backpack, one on my shorts, and one on my hat. (And a couple on my backpack if I was carrying it.)

These were supposed to last for 3 days and they certainly did! I used them on a camping trip that went Thursday night to Sunday night, and there was still a mild citronella odor for the trip home.

These stuck perfectly on my cotton hat, but occasionally fell off my hammock and backpack straps. You just have to be careful with placement. Good news is, they didn’t leave any sticky residue!

mosquitno spotz on hammock

Now, the big question is, did this repel the bugs?

Sort of. On easy hikes, I’d barely notice any bugs. But if I got moving and worked up a sweat, the bugs were all over me!

If I work up a sweat and smell tasty, I don’t think any amount of citronella will cover it up!

I think my favorite use was wearing the bands while I slept in my hammock, with no bug net, in the woods of West Virginia. I got zero bug bites at night! I think the band filled my sleeping bag with enough citronella scent to cover up my human scent, so the bugs went after other people at the camp site instead! (Sorry, fellow campers!)

OK then, what’s the price?

The bands are $3.99 each and the spots are $3.99 for a 6-pack.

That’s cheap compared to something from the ExOfficio BugsAway clothing line (where the t-shirt is $40,) and I think that’s also cheaper than most citronella candles (which usually only last 10-20 hours max.)

But you’re certainly paying a little more than if you were to buy a $5-8 bottle of bug spray that could last all summer.

My final verdict is…

These Mosquitno products are pretty neat. They’re much more mobile and less messy than citronella candles or sprays, so they work great for athletes on the go (or kids who run around everywhere.) The downside is, if citronella isn’t potent enough to deter bugs from feasting on you, these products obviously won’t help!

Official website: www.MosquitnoBand.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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