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Finding a place to buy supplements is not difficult. But finding a place with a good website, wide selection, and fair prices, that you can trust, can be a challenge.

LuckyVitamin.com is one of the many online stores selling vitamins, supplements, personal care products, snacks, tea, and much more. They compete primarily with GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and VitaCost.com.

I decided to give them a shot. Here’s my experience…

How I Found Lucky Vitamin In The First Place

Throughout my racing career, I ordered from VitaminShoppe.com most of the time. Then, when I was looking for a few items they did not stock, I found VitaCost.com, and became a loyal customer for years. They seemed to carry the stuff I was looking for, and their prices were incredible.

LuckyVitamin.com was one of the stores I passed up back then. I checked it out a few times, and everything I was looking for was super expensive. I couldn’t see any reason to go with them over VitaCost.com. There was nothing that would make it worth the effort of creating an account somewhere new.

I steered clear of them for years. Then, sometime in 2013 or 2014, I found something that was only in stock at LuckyVitamin. I’d have no choice but to order it there. Later, I found something cheaper there than anywhere else!

By late 2014, I had been finding all sorts of neat stuff in stock at LuckyVitamin – at great prices. I was starting to really like the place!

They stocked the BioTerra Herbs brand there at the best price anywhere – $17.99 per bottle, rather than $19.99. And they stocked brown rice syrup, which I needed for my homemade Oskri coconut bars, plus multiple types of ginger candies!

I wasn’t convinced, though. A friend from college even urged me to check it out, but I was set in my ways.

Once 2015 rolled around, though, things changed. I was getting really aggravated with the VitaCost.com website, specifically their search box (one of the most important functions on a site,) and I decided in my head, “today is the day I switch to LuckyVitamin for real.”

In January, I filled up my wish list with tons of neat products. In February, I needed some probiotics, and sure enough, LuckyVitamin.com had exactly what I wanted. Perfect!

A Closer Look at Lucky Vitamin

It’s a pleasure to shop at Lucky Vitamin. Here’s why:

luckyvitamin home page

Browsing the Website

The home page, pictured above, is a pretty standard ecommerce website. It offers lots of category navigation and a prominent search box, front and center, just where I like it. The middle of the page is rotating through current specials.

The website is awesome.

First of all, not to be taken for granted, is the fact that the website works. It works all the time, in whatever browser I choose. (The VitaCost site has been giving me lots of trouble lately, and sometimes the search box doesn’t even work!)

And it’s fast.

There is so much detail, and it’s organized neatly.

Take a look at this product details page:

luckyvitamin item details

Everything you could want to know, is right there, at a glance. Not just the price and product photo, but finer details such as price per serving.

Then there’s a little menu on the upper right corner with quick links to specific sections (product description, supplement facts, reviews, etc..)

The pages are much more clear and standardized than what you find on Amazon.com.

Not your ordinary wish list.

See something you want to buy later? Add it to MyWishlist. It works like a standard wishlist where you add items to that before eventually moving them to your shopping cart later. Eventually the wishlist is empty.

The thing is, when you’re taking supplements, you are likely to be ordering the same thing more than once. So you probably don’t want this stuff to be disappearing from your wishlist. That’s why they have MyRegimen.

When you add items to MyRegimen, they stay there. You can go there, add everything to your shopping cart, and anytime you come back, those items are still listed. Such a great idea!

Product Selection

The selection blows me away. They stock everything from fish oil and probiotics to tea and ginger candies. Even sports nutrition products like GU gel and GU chomps! Talk about a one-stop shop!

Here are some of the products I like that are available at LuckyVitamin.com:

  • Fish oil (like Nordic Naturals)
  • Probiotics (like ReNew Life)
  • Greens supplements (like Greens+)
  • Chlorella and spirulina algae (like Ojio tablets)
  • Blueberry herbal tea (like Bigelow)
  • Energy gels (like GU gel)
  • Beet juice (like Beet It)
  • ACV (like Bragg)

Speaking of GU energy gel, there’s a good selection of individual-serving products that are only around $1 – excellent if you are right on the verge of hitting the minimum for free shipping! 😉

There are also pet treats!

You name it, they probably have it!


One of the most important considerations when shopping for supplements is credibility. Not just of the supplement manufacturer, but also the distributor. I always purchase nutritional supplements from a big, trusted retailer.

The exception would be Amazon. Why do I avoid Amazon.com?

Amazon.com may be a big, trusted retailer, but there are so many sketchy sellers on there nowadays. I still trust Amazon.com to do a great job with order fulfillment and customer service, but I don’t trust the random third-party sellers at all.

Lucky Vitamin is relatively new, being established in 2004, but that still means they’ve been in operation for over 10 years. They seem to know what they’re doing!

Plus, their corporate headquarters is based in my home state of Pennsylvania which is cool. It gives me some reassurance since I could drive up to their facility and see it’s a real place and not someone’s garage!

“LuckyRewards” Loyalty Program

You’ve probably seen frequent shopper rewards programs like this before. You spend a certain amount of money and they’ll send you a gift certificate. Lucky Vitamin does this through their LuckyRewards program.

“Once you have earned 500 LuckyReward Points, you are eligible for a LuckyReward’s Gift Certificate code that will be automatically delivered to you via email.”

Basically, spend $500 and get $5 back. It’s not much, but does anyone else have this? I don’t remember seeing anything like it at similar retailers. Combine it with a rewards credit card and it all adds up!

Filling Up My Shopping Cart (And Checking Out)

With the excellent product selection, it didn’t take me long to fill my shopping cart far beyond the $49 minimum needed for free shipping!

The cart works flawlessly and is really slick and smooth.

Let’s go through step-by-step:

If you hover the cursor over the shopping cart icon, it shows the number of items, order subtotal, details on the most recently added item, and if you earned free shipping. Very useful.

luckyvitamin hover over shopping cart

Managing your cart looks like this. Super simple.

luckyvitamin shopping cart

Need to update item quantity? Just place cursor in the box, change quantity, and click the “update” button which magically appears.

luckyvitamin update quantity in cart

Here’s where you get the basic review of your cart and begin checkout.

luckyvitamin review order before checkout

I was ordering some liquid probiotics and got this alert about it being a temperature sensitive item. Nice of them to let me know!

luckyvitamin temperature sensitive alert

And finally, after figuring out shipping, you’ll enter the secure checkout:

luckyvitamin secure checkout

It’s almost, but not quite, perfect. As I’ll explain in the next section…

My First Ordering Experience at LuckyVitamin.com

If you’ve read this far, you know that I filled up my shopping cart and began the secure checkout process.

Everything was so smooth. My order total came to $49.75, just enough for free shipping! (I didn’t need to tack on a Root Beer flavor GU gel, but hey, why not?)

The problem came when it was time to pay them the $51.10. I couldn’t get the site to take separate billing and shipping addresses! I tried about 10 times, disabling some plugins, using different browsers, logging in and out a few times, re-entering the addresses. No luck (and no pun intended.)

Not wanting to deal with any more hassle that night, I used PayPal to complete my transaction.

Moments later I got the LuckyVitamin.com email confirmation.

And thus my first order was complete!

It was so close to perfect!

There was just that one problem.

I guess if you only have one address for billing and shipping, and never have to ship anywhere else, you wouldn’t even run into this issue. But if you’re an athlete who travels for training camps and races, LuckyVitamin is poised to make your life a living hell.

Or not.

It must have been a temporary glitch because everything is fixed now, thanks to customer service…

I Need Customer Service!

Lucky Vitamin offers email support, live chat, and a toll-free phone number.

I tested the email and live chat options.


I’m wondering if they can shed some light on why I can’t choose separate billing and shipping addresses…

I sent them a message the day after I ordered explaining the issue. I never received a response, but I went into my account two days later and tried to update my address and payment settings. Lo and behold, it worked! I even went to place a test order and everything was in place! They had pre-populated shipping and billing info with the correct addresses! (Either they fixed something without telling me, or whatever technical glitch was happening just disappeared.)

I’ll fire up the live chat…

When I got an email about my order shipping, it said “some of the items” have shipped. As it turns out, the Gu gel went on backorder. Since it would be pointless for them to send me an individual Gu gel, I decided to cancel it.

At about 1pm on a Tuesday, I clicked on live chat. The chat fires up quickly, popping open in the bottom right corner of the browser:

luckyvitamin starting live chat

You put in your info and send the request. Olivia responded and resolved my issue in 2 minutes! I only spent a grand total of 6 minutes on the process. Slick!

luckyvitamin live chat with olivia

I didn’t have to wait in line or anything. In most instances I’d still be waiting on hold at the 6-minute mark!

Live chat worked so well, and I didn’t have any major issues, I haven’t needed to test the phone line yet.

luckyvitamin box arrived
Pleased with my order from LuckyVitamin.com!

My Final Verdict Is…

LuckyVitamin.com has an amazing selection of products at great prices, free shipping on orders over $49, the website works smoothly, and the customer service on live chat is fast and friendly. The whole experience was flawless other than that one random problem I had (which was fixed fairly quickly.)

The store might not be perfect, but I’m very happy with them, and plan to order from them as my main source from now on.

Check it out at www.LuckyVitamin.com.

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