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lightfull smoothies

On one of my Big Lots runs (where I find lots of neat health foods and energy drinks that I would never see otherwise,) I found the LightFull Satiety Smoothie. This is a pre-made smoothie in a single serving bottle, which apparently attempts to keep you full and satisfied with minimal calories.

The bottle contains just 90 calories, and offers 5g protein and 5g fiber. It contains 38g carbohydrates, but only 9g are sugar. The carbs are definitely high, due to the fruit juice content, but there are only 13g “net carbs” (because the fiber and erythritol sweetener have no impact on blood sugar.)

There’s a whopping 20g of erythritol, but nothing nasty like sucralose. (I’ve never had a problem with erythritol, although I’ve never ingested in such high quantities.)

I wouldn’t mind a little erythritol every so often, though, so I’d say this drink is no worse than other processed foods. A homemade watermelon smoothie is hard to beat, though!

LightFull seems like a concept similar to Forze GPS appetite suppressant bars. Unfortunately, these smoothies don’t go a long way to keeping you full. They’re just not that powerful like the Forze GPS bars were.

However, it does a good enough job for the fifty cents I spent! I tried these for snacks when I was fairly hungry, and they filled me up much better than most 90 calorie snacks.

And these smoothies, which come in Mango Oasis and Strawberry Bliss flavors, taste pretty good, so it’s a good balance of flavor and healthfulness…

LightFull Satiety Smoothie Taste Test

I tried both flavors, and here are my thoughts…

lightfull mango oasis

Mango Oasis: This had a good, creamy texture, with a very tropical flavor. Kind of like a Pina Colada, but with mango, too.

This flavor was not quite as good as the Strawberry Bliss, although it probably wouldn’t get old as fast as the strawberry one.

lightfull strawberry bliss

Strawberry Bliss: Tastes like you’re drinking a strawberry shortcake! If you like strawberry desserts, you’ll love this flavor.

My only concern is that the flavor is so good, so much like a dessert, that you might get sick of it sooner or later.

My final verdict is…

These smoothies are tasty and the ingredients are decent. While not extremely filling, they do provide more satisfaction than your typical 90 calorie snack. If the company had not gone out of business in 2009, I’d consider buying these again.

Official website: www.LightFullFoods.com

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