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king stainless steel bottle cage

Years ago, I lusted over the King titanium bottle cages. They were so cool, but I just couldn’t justify spending $55 on a bottle cage.

Then one day I won a stainless steel King cage at a race, used it, and realized it was awesome! It’s a lot cheaper than the titanium version but still very nice. (The retail price is $18.)

The King is a bit more expensive than Forte cages, but it’s worth it, in my opinion. The construction just seems better. It certainly is durable – I’ve used this same King cage for over eleven years now and it’s still perfect!

It’s made in the USA, so that might explain it.

Other than durability, the only thing to consider is the grip on the bottle. The King cage grips bottles perfectly!

It’s tight enough that it won’t slip, but just loose and flexible enough that it’s easy to get the bottle out and back in while riding off-road.

And if you do have a slightly small or large bottle, you can bend the cage to fit it better. Then bend it back later. (Try that with an alloy bottle cage! There’s a 99.9% chance it will snap.)

It’s fairly light too – a claimed weight of 48 grams.

My final verdict is…

My #1 bottle cage recommendation, hands down. Eventually I’ll probably have one or two King stainless steel cages on every one of my bikes.

Official website: www.KingCage.com

Buy online: www.ColoradoCyclist.com | www.Amazon.com

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