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When I started running seriously, I still spent all my money on cycling, so I didn’t have any fancy running accessories. I would regularly run for an hour or more with no food or water. But I really wanted a Fuel Belt to fix that…

The problem was, I was out of money! So I kept on running and just hoped I could find a public water fountain somewhere along my route.

Fortunately, I eventually got a Fuel Belt for free! Lucky me! I can remember three worthwhile door prizes I’ve received in my entire racing career, and the Fuel Belt was one of them.

I hate to spoil the review by giving away my overall opinion, but man, I love the Fuel Belt!

Let’s step back a bit.

What is a Fuel Belt?

It’s a belt (duh) that allows you to carry miniature water bottles around your waist while running. It’s really the only comfortable way to carry water with you. It sucks to carry water bottles in your hands, and hydration packs are uncomfortable for running.

Fuel Belt isn’t the only brand name making these devices, but they have the biggest name, and the product is great.

The belt I have holds four small water bottles (6oz each) and a gel flask. It’s from like 2004 – if you look at the 2010 models, they all look nicer than what I have.

I got a size Large, which is a bit too big for my 30-32″ waist. It fits comfortably when tightened down to the limit, but it’s still loose enough to bounce up and down sometimes. I wouldn’t want it super tight on my waist, but if I were to buy one, I’d try a Medium.

Here’s what I like about the Fuel Belt:

– I can carry plenty of water with me, without using my hands. This is way more comfortable and relaxing than holding onto water bottles. Even if you use those special holders that do the holding for you, it still means your hands aren’t free to do anything like tie your shoes, wipe sweat, etc.

– The Fuel Belt looks way cooler than a fanny pack. Specialty fanny packs for runners to carry water bottles aren’t ugly, but they’re still fanny packs!

– The Fuel Belt does not jostle around like a Camelbak hydration pack. The weight is centered and balanced around your waist, so you don’t even notice it. It’s almost like you’re not carrying any extra weight.

What I don’t like about the Fuel Belt:

– The gel canister won’t stay in the belt when running. It always falls out. So I just don’t carry it anymore!

Otherwise I don’t have any complaints. (Also, I’m pretty sure this issue is solved in all of the newer belt designs.)

My final verdict is…

The Fuel Belt is great for endurance runners, just get one that feels comfy on your waist. If you’re sick of carrying water bottles while running, this is a life saver! Not cheap, but worth it if you run enough.

But if you just do your workouts on a track, there’s really no need for this (a plain water bottle would suffice, since you don’t need to carry it around.)

Official website: www.FuelBelt.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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