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finish line fiber grip

If you have a carbon fiber bicycle, or even just a carbon seatpost, you may have wondered how to lubricate it. You definitely don’t want a stuck seatpost, but you probably heard that regular grease can damage carbon fiber parts.

So what do you do? You use something called carbon fiber assembly paste. This comes in various forms and is called paste, gel, compound, etc. The point is, this is grease designed specifically for carbon fiber components.

There are a few varieties out there, but what I’m reviewing here is called Finish Line Fiber Grip. It bills itself as “carbon fiber assembly gel.”

Not only is it designed so it won’t damage carbon fiber parts, it also has a texture that creates friction, in order to reduce slippage.

The friction is great, because sometimes carbon fiber parts will slip even when they are torqued down to the recommended value. If that happens, you can either clamp harder (and break a $150 seatpost) or use assembly compound (which costs a mere $8.)

Speaking of price, a small tube of this is about $7 or $8. That’s not too much more than regular grease, and it’s much cheaper than breaking your carbon fiber parts. It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.

Fiber Grip is also relatively easy to find, since it’s from a big company like Finish Line. There are other carbon fiber assembly compounds, but they can be hard to come by.

finish line fiber grip

When you want to apply Fiber Grip, it’s easy to apply from the tube. You just squeeze some out onto the part and smooth it out with your finger.

It looks like colorless grease, but feels like liquid sandpaper. It’s neat. (If you’ve ever used Boraxo powdered hand soap, it’s almost the same feeling.)

Overall I have no complaints with this product. There is just one last thing to mention…

How to Apply Fiber Grip:

One thing you should know before using this product – apply it sparingly, especially to seatposts. Due to the texture, it lays down thicker than grease, so it will really gunk up around the seat clamp.

No use in wasting the stuff!

My final verdict is…

Fiber Grip works great for assembling carbon bikes and attaching carbon parts to any bicycle. Use it on the seatpost, handlebar clamp area, etc.

There’s not much else to say. If you have a carbon frame or any carbon parts, get this stuff, and use it!

Official website: www.FinishLineUSA.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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