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strengthtape kinesiology tape

Choosing a kinesiology tape just got even more complicated thanks to the release of Endevr StrengthTape.

Not sure what that is?

Here’s a quick primer – kinesiology tape is a special type of athletic tape that’s applied to your body. It can be used to support muscles and joints (like a brace would) without interfering with your range of motion, and it lifts the skin away from fascia to speed healing of injuries. While it lacks widely-accepted scientific research, tons of athletes are using it and many doctors recommend it!

All kinesiology tapes offer these key benefits:
  • Provides support for muscles and joints.
  • More comfort and more mobility than if you wear a brace.
  • Can be worn in many situations, even triathlons, and lasts for days at a time.
  • Promotes healing of certain injuries.

Whether it’s RockTape or KT Tape, which I’ve reviewed already, or some random brand, that’s what it’s going to do. The question is, how well is it going to do that?

strengthtape pre-cut strips

Let’s talk about StrengthTape.

At first glance, it looks like any other tape. It’s available in uncut rolls as well as precut strips, comes in tons of colors (black, beige, bright green, red, pink, blue, etc.,) and retails for $19.95 per roll (though it sells for $12.99 – $14.99 at Amazon.com.)

How long has it been around?

It appears the Endevr company was founded in 2010, so like a lot of these companies doing the tape, it’s relatively new. It’s a medical products company – they sell lots of ion bracelets and weird stuff like that.

Does StrengthTape contain ions? You bet it does!

“Includes IonTech to further enhance the properties of StrengthTape, infusing seven specific minerals into the tape that emit ions.”

strengthtape ion health technology

What is IonTech?

OK, I’m intrigued by the idea of infused minerals in the material. It sounds like the concept behind Tommie Copper, and I had pretty good luck with their copper-infused knee sleeves.

But how does this work? I can’t find any actual information on this! It doesn’t even list this as a feature on the box.

The only mention is on the instruction pamphlet, and all it really says to me is “these minerals release ions and that helps your body.” It’s as bad as those ion bracelets that were proven to be a scam!

The skeptic in me says, let’s forget all about this feature, shall we?

Instead, consider that StrengthTape is the official tape of IRONMAN! A triathlon is probably the toughest event for tape to hold up through, so that’s a fitting endorsement!

They claim that StrengthTape can be worn for up to 5 days in nearly any condition, including water.

They also say it’s a breathable cotton fabric, which is interesting, because normally it’s only the synthetic tapes that claim to last 5 days. The cheaper cotton tapes usually claim to last 3 days.

Let’s see how it works…

My Experience Taping with StrengthTape

The first thing I did was visit the company website for taping instructions. I found them. And I was disappointed. Actually, annoyed is a better word.

They offer written instructions and photos for every application. But they only have how-to videos for the most popular ones. Then when they do have videos, they are done professionally, but totally overdone. There is more focus on flashy video editing than on the instructional aspect.

I challenge you to watch one and not be annoyed by the frequent “step x” pop ups!

The only redeeming factor is that, in their FAQ, they actually recommend trimming your hair before taping! Thank you! No one else mentions that fact. Endevr does admit shaving is best but say that trimming usually works. (Your results may vary, obviously.)

strengthtape strips cut for my knee

I decided to test this on my knees for a few reasons. First, my knees love the support. Second, it’s a good test for the tape since it’s one of the more complex taping jobs and the joint moves a lot! Third, it’s the joint I tape most frequently.

My first thought when applying was that the tape is really not that great to work with. It’s not bad, but you can tell it’s cotton. It doesn’t stretch as much as I’m used to, and it simply lacks that quality feel.

strengthtape on my knee

Don’t get me wrong – it still works! My thoughts after my first application: “holy crap it’s amazing!”

It actually felt better than any other time I taped my knees, but that’s probably because 1) I should be getting better at this every time and 2) my knees really needed taped this time! I’m hesitant to give any credit to the ions! 😉

strengthtape on my knees

Once applied, the tape looked good and stuck like glue. At least for the next 12 hours. It held up during a one hour bike ride in the morning, but started to peel off later in the day when I was out in the sun sweating profusely.

One of the big strips came off from my sweat, and another big strip came off the next night. I woke up with the tape peeling off my legs and sticking to bed sheets instead!

So it has potential for high performance. I mean, it sure did the the job of making my knees feel better during that one bike ride. It’s just not going to last very long!

If you’re out swimming, sweating a lot, and/or taking showers, no way this is going to last 5 days. I think 1-2 days is a more realistic estimate.

There was one time I got this to last 3 full days, and that seemed like a miracle!

The big question: How does StrengthTape compare to KT Tape and Rock Tape?

As far as the tape itself, the cotton material is quite similar to original KT Tape, and quite different from the good synthetic stuff like KT Tape Pro and RockTape. That means it doesn’t stretch nearly as much as I’d like. It also feels different, but I can’t explain it.

After using the synthetic tape, StrengthTape just doesn’t feel like it stretches much at all honestly. And it doesn’t spring back very fast.

Then you have the very useful instructional videos from KT Tape, compared to the videos from StrengthTape which are painful to watch! (You don’t need to break down applying each single piece of tape into 4 steps!)

For what it’s worth, StrengthTape is the only one that uses some type of ions integrated into the tape.

My final verdict is…

I’m a little skeptical of the Endevr company and their ion bracelets, but the Strength Tape itself, it’s not bad… I’d say it’s on par with the original KT Tape. Maybe even a bit better.

I do prefer RockTape though. It’s easier to work with and lasts longer (in my experience). I don’t see much reason to buy StrengthTape when you can go on Amazon.com and find KT Tape Pro for practically the same price per roll and Kinesio Tex Gold for even less.

Official website: www.StrengthTape.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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