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dr will bar

While there are plenty of health food bars on store shelves around the country, there are also harder-to-find bars that are even more interesting. Take the Doctor Will Bar for example.

The bar is made in Portland, Oregon, and Will Bar carefully selected local vendors, bakers, and printers to supply the company with everything from the bar itself to the packaging and box they are shipped in. You’re not looking at some huge corporation here.

But let’s look at the bar itself, because that’s what you’re putting into your body…

At first glance, the Dr Will Bar is tiny! You don’t fully understand the term ‘nutrient dense’ until you see one of these bars! You get 230 calories in this tiny bar!

Also at first glance, you get to see the bar itself. Most bars are contained in some foil wrapper, but the Dr Will Bar uses a clear plastic wrapper to show off the bar.

dr will bar

Unwrapping the bar was a little tough, though. The plastic doesn’t tear as cleanly as most foil wrappers I’ve opened. One of my Dr Will bars opened easily, but on the other ones, the wrappers stretched and pulled before ripping open slightly and requiring even more prying.

To make matters worse, the struggle got my hands a bit oily. (It’s kind of like the Raw Revolution bar with the oily feel to the bar.)

But that was when I was pulling apart the center seam. Once I tried the method of ripping right around the corner of the wrapper, the bar opened easily! And the bar is nice and compact, so you can rip the plastic down the length of the wrapper and just bite into the bar from the long side.

(Too bad they didn’t print a “Tear Here” arrow on the wrapper for morons like me.)

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

The Dr Will Bar is best summed up as a melding of nuts and fruits in a small bar that is packed with lasting energy.

Here is the ingredients list:

Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Flax Seed, Oats, Corn Syrup, Pumpkin Seed, Brown Sugar, Cranberries, Cherries, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Puffed Rice, Whey Protein, Coconut.

My favorite thing about this list is how normal it sounds. It’s just basic stuff – no weird artificial ingredients, and nothing so fancy you don’t understand what it really is.

I’m also a big fan of the majority of the ingredients. I absolutely love peanut butter, flax seed, oats, pumpkin seeds, cherries, and coconut.

As you could guess, I’m not a huge fan of the corn syrup and brown sugar. It’s not such a bad thing (it is an energy bar after all,) but it seems odd.

I mean, this looks like a bar where the top priority is being completely natural and nutritious. So it’s odd they don’t at least use something that sounds healthier (organic cane sugar, agave nectar, etc.) If it was just another energy bar for cyclists, I’d expect the plain brown sugar and corn syrup, but not so much from a bar like this.

That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this as an energy bar. It’s still much healthier than the average energy bar.

Taste Test

Apparently there is just one flavor to the Doctor Will Bar. I don’t think it has a name, but you could consider it “Fruit & Nut” and I think that would make sense.


The bar certainly has a good taste. The experience started out with the smell and taste of homemade peanut butter rice krispie squares like my Grandma used to make. Then I could taste the cranberry and sunflower seeds I got in the same bite.

Overall it would be hard to pinpoint the flavor with a name. The peanut butter is prominent, but you still taste the fruit, nuts, and seeds a little bit. And even then, it’s hard to pinpoint the individual flavors. It’s just a good flavor that’s hard to describe!


The bar is nice and soft and pretty chewy. It has some texture and crunch from the seeds and whatnot, but it’s not grainy. And it’s not like a hard granola bar at all.

Again, it’s a bit hard to describe, but the texture is good!

dr will bar

Testing the Energy Bar

As well as tasting good, the bar is easy to chew. It only takes maybe five small bites to finish it. And the soft, oily texture helps it go down smooth. I never had a problem finishing one.

But due to the small size, I think it satisfied my stomach but left my mouth wanting more. That made it a little disappointing for a breakfast replacement or mid-afternoon snack (when I wanted to experience the texture and flavor for a longer period of time,) but also makes it nice for use during exercise, such as a long bike ride (when you want to be focused on riding, not eating.)

Personally I think the best use for the Dr Will Bar would be for long hiking trips. It seems like a great food to eat while hiking, and the small, dense bar saves space in your pack!

Anyway, I had to have one during a ride. The ride was about 1:30, so it didn’t require food per say, except that the ride also functioned as my lunch break! I had a Dr Will Bar halfway through and it tasted great. I think it only took me three bites to get it down.

It went down really easily – didn’t even require a gulp of water. And despite having a hilly ride, the bar seemed to digest without any issues. Also, it left a little oily residue on my lips, which wasn’t bad at all – it was kind of like having applied some more lip balm. All in all, a good experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to grab one for a ride.

My final verdict is…

The Dr Will Bar tastes great, and it’s pretty healthy for an energy bar.

As with most energy bars, I suggest you try a couple and see how they work for you. This is a good one, so if it works for you, stock up.

Official website: www.DrWillBar.com

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