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divoom airbeat 10 in box

What do you do if you want to enjoy some tunes while you’re out riding, but you don’t want to interfere with your hearing by using earbuds?

Mount a Bluetooth speaker on your handlebar!

Lots of these portable Bluetooth speakers are out there already (with more popping up daily,) but here’s one which comes with a handlebar mount! It’s called the Divoom Airbeat-10 Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker.

It can sit on your desk, sure. But it can also go in the shower. Or you could mount it on your bicycle handlebar. It’s built to handle the outdoors!

It includes a handlebar mount so it will sit securely on your bike, and there’s also a suction cup mount which allows you to stick it most any smooth surface – a shower wall, bathroom mirror, glass window, even a plastic kayak! Heck, with the loop on top, you could hook it onto a carabiner and take it anywhere!

I got a white one in order to match my white iPhone, white road bike, and white handlebar tape! But you can also get black, red, or blue.

Unboxing the Divoom Airbeat-10

I opened up the sleek packaging and ended up with all this:

divoom airbeat 10

You can see the white speaker, the suction cup mount, the handlebar mount, and two cables.

One is a charging cable so you can recharge the speaker through any USB port, and the other is a speaker cable in case you want to connect directly to your audio source (if/when Bluetooth is not available.)

divoom airbeat 10 speaker

The speaker looks pretty darn good if you ask me!

How to use the speaker:

The speaker has a row of buttons on the side.

divoom airbeat 10 speaker control buttons

There is the power button, play/pause button, and volume up/down buttons.

Hold the power button in for a few seconds and it will play a sound and an LED indicator will light up. Then it’s ready to go! I had it paired with my iPhone in no time.

Mounting the speaker:

With these included mounts, you can mount the speaker just about anywhere. And it’s super simple.

divoom airbeat 10 mounting brackets

If you’ve ever used a camera and tripod, you know how this works. Both mounts use a standard threaded mount. The speaker threads onto the mount, just like a camera threads onto a tripod.

divoom airbeat 10 threaded mount

This means you can also find numerous other mounts out there that could fit this speaker! Or you could build any type of mount you want using a 1/4-20 bolt!

And of course, your smartphone stays safely tucked in your pocket the whole time!

When it’s time to recharge:

The speaker has a claimed 6-hour battery life. When it’s time to recharge, just flip open this seal:

divoom airbeat 10 connection ports

Attach the micro USB cable, plug the other end into any USB port, and wait while it recharges.

Putting the Airbeat-10 to the Test!

Let’s see if this thing actually sounds good and holds up to wind, rain, water, and more!

On my bike

Remember how I said the mounting bracket looks simple and easy to use? Well, this is a case of “looks can be deceiving!” The concept is simple, but actually getting it to work isn’t so easy.

First of all, if you’re not careful, all the nuts and bolts can fall right off the plastic part of the mount. Nothing is attached! Second, see how fine the threads are on that bolt? That means it’s going to take forever to screw it down tight!

divoom airbeat 10 on bike handlebar

The best (worst) part is, if you have a small diameter handlebar, the bolt is so long that it will run into the speaker, meaning it won’t tighten down securely. Even on my mountain bike with the larger diameter bar, and using both rubber shims, the bolt nearly hits! And the speaker itself seems to bottom out on the bolt it attaches to, leaving it free to rattle around (and that can’t be good for it!)

Look at this mess!

divoom airbeat 10 handlebar mount pieces

I’ll definitely have to take my Dremel and cut this super long screw down to a better size. And I’ll have to add a washer or two onto the inside of the shorter screw.

divoom airbeat 10 on mountain bike handlebar

Regardless, I’d never trust this mount when going mountain biking. And I’d never endanger others using it on a road group ride. I’d only use it when casually cruising down the bike path or riding indoors.

Yes, indoors. It’s handy if you’re riding rollers because it allows you to get the music right in your face. I don’t like wearing earbuds for hours on end, and my stereo is too far away (and too big to move around,) so having this speaker on my handlebar is a nice change.

On my boat

In stark contrast to the handlebar mount, the suction cup mount is quite sturdy and well-built.

Which is good, because the speaker is only water-resistant, not waterproof! So you wouldn’t want it falling into the water!

I mount it on my kayak in such a way that if it does fall off, it will fall inside the cockpit. And I put a little leash on it (like a miniature paddle leash) for extra security.

And this is awesome! I never need music when riding my bike, but sometimes when I’m out paddling solo, on flatwater, I need some tunes to get me moving!

In the shower

Again, this calls for the suction cup mount. Depending on what your shower walls are made of, you should have no problem taking the speaker right into the shower with you. On the right surface, the suction cup provides plenty of suction!

Worst case scenario, you have to stick it to the bathroom mirror. But that still means you can leave your phone away from the steamy bathroom air!

Out hiking

No mount needed. I’ll clip the speaker onto one of my backpack straps with a mini-carabiner. This lets me listen to (and control) music out on the trail without totally drowning out the sounds of nature, and my phone gets to stay securely zipped inside one of the backpack pockets.

Answering a phone call

Yeah, you can answer phone calls with it, thanks to a built-in microphone. This could actually come in handy in situations where you need a hands-free speaker phone!

[The instructions say to just push the play button to accept an incoming call, but I never tested this functionality.]

How is the sound quality during all this?

I don’t see it pleasing audiophiles, but it’s pretty good, and it gets loud!

It features something called Surface Resonating technology which “turns any hard flat surface into an extra subwoofer.” That’s neat, though it sounds like it only applies when the speaker is inside, sitting on a table!

I wouldn’t expect the sound quality to compete with the $130 Bose speaker (not that I’ve ever listened to one,) but it sounds to me like it’s as good as the others in this price range (the retail is $49.99 but it’s selling on Amazon.com for $29.90.)

I guess it’s better than my iPhone’s built-in speaker, especially at higher volumes, but I hardly notice. That’s not what I’m using the speaker for. I’m using the speaker to prevent my iPhone from being exposed to precarious situations!

Did the battery last?

Yes. I feel like I was getting more than the claimed six hours per charge with my random occasional use.

It’s a bummer though if you’re out for a weekend of camping and mountain biking, you could easily burn through the 6-8 hours in one day. Then you’ll need a solar-powered USB charging station to recharge it!

divoom airbeat 10 connected bluetooth iphone

My final verdict is…

Versatile and fairly inexpensive, the Airbeat 10 is a great choice for adventurers looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that they can take into the outdoors without worry. The speaker held up to all my adventures and worked flawlessly each time, even if the included mounting brackets leave something to be desired!

It’s rare to find an inexpensive speaker that can handle such conditions. If you need these capabilities, this is a great choice! Just be prepared to modify the mounting bracket if you do plan to use this on your handlebar.

Official website: www.Divoom.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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