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crotch guard skin care oil in spray bottle

No, there is certainly no shortage of chamois creams or butt butters, but this is a first for me. It’s a crotch oil! Aptly named, Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil.

Part of a line of skin care oils, this one is designed exclusively for cyclists and comes in a fine mist spray bottle. It’s liquid. And it’s nothing like your typical chamois cream!

Why oil?

Unlike thick and greasy products, the manufacturer claims that Crotch Guard “absorbs completely into the surface of the skin for up to 8 hours of clean and natural protection!”

The claims are true! It’s silky soft, and it absorbs into your skin completely. There’s no thick cream coating your skin or chamois pad.

What’s in it?

I’m not positive what the Hypo-Allergenic, Anti-Bacterial formula contains. I just know that it does NOT contain Chemical Dyes, Fragrance, or Preservatives.

It’s a secret formula, apparently. And after two years in development, they were able to create a substance that “matches the natural lipids in skin.” Interesting. They say the oil penetrates to fortify skin cells like mortar between bricks, producing “an invisible shield that bacteria can’t penetrate.”

How to apply it

This is totally new to me! You definitely don’t work with it like a cream.

Apparently you spray it on, right? You would think so.

crotch guard skin care oil in spray bottle

But if you try it, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not that easy to apply to your crotch. The spray bottle won’t work upside down, so you have to hold it underneath your crotch and spray. You better be flexible, and you better have good aim!

To make matters even more difficult, there is no “fine mist” anywhere. The cap on mine is definitely not a fine mist – it’s more of a stream or a squirt.

That means you need to rub it in, which of course means you still need to wash your hands (like you would after dipping into a tub of chamois cream).

So you might as well just spray it on your hands and then rub it in. A few squirts in your hand and then wipe your butt and taint! Those are the true, honest instructions!

(Note that I received a sample size bottle, so it’s possible it has a cheaper nozzle than the full-size bottles, but I would think they’re going to be the exact same thing.)

What does it feel like?

It feels good.

It’s liquid. It feels exactly like spraying silicone lube on your skin.

There is no scent. No sensation. Once applied, you don’t really know it’s there.

But on my bike rides, it was definitely there, because it reduced friction and eliminated chafing!

I tested it on rides of about 20-50 miles each, and it worked well. (So about a three hour ride was my longest test; I can’t verify if this lasts 6-8 hours as claimed.)

Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil is best for…

This oil is best for anyone who does not like any of the existing chamois cream options. If you want something different, this is it.

I feel like this is sort of a Body Glide competitor. What I mean is, you could put it on your crotch, but also anywhere where your wetsuit might chafe you. So it would be great for triathletes!

And since it absorbs so well, you can literally use it as a skin care oil post-ride. You can even apply it before bedtime without worrying about it staining your underwear or bed sheets.

What’s wrong with traditional chamois cream?

I prefer thick, creamy chamois cream.

I prefer peppermint and menthol scents filling the air.

I like that tingly sensation in my nether regions!

There’s no reason that I’d prefer Crotch Guard oil over a good, thick chamois cream.

But I will keep some on hand for any upcoming triathlons!

What does it cost?

At $21.99 for a 4 oz bottle, it’s definitely on par with the more expensive chamois creams. But that price is certainly not unheard of.

My final verdict is…

Crotch Guard is a good product that’s totally different than anything else. Should you buy some? Maybe. Mainly I’d buy this if you need a multi-purpose triathlon lube.

If you’re still looking for relief from saddle sores on long rides, get some of this. If you’ve already found something you’re happy with, just stick with that. (I don’t see a reason to switch, unless you dislike traditional chamois creams or have allergic reactions to them.)

Official website: www.CrotchGuard.com

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