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bear naked hundred mile medley bag

Some people never quit – along with their new line of Native granolas, Bear Naked has some new flavors of trail mix to try.

This means we’ll have a few granola chunks mixed with dried fruit, nuts, and other “trail mix style” ingredients, but with the scrumptious, healthy formula that Bear Naked does so well.

(No hydrogenated oils, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, etc.)

The flavor I tried is called “hundred mile medley” which looks like a standard trail mix.

The main ingredients I see are:

Cashews, almonds, dark chocolate chips, cherries, granola chunks, sunflower seeds.

Once opened, I finished the bag in no time. All the ingredients are good, and overall it makes for a tasty trail mix.

bear naked hundred mile medley

I liked how the cashews and almonds are plain/raw, instead of being covered in oil and salt like you might be used to. My favorite part had to be the dried cherries, though, since they were an awesome blend of dried fruit texture and sweet cherry juiciness.

The other flavors of Bear Naked trail mix are High Sierra Blend, Pacific Crest Mix, Appalachian Trail Mix, and Continental Divide Blend.

I want to try the Pacific Crest and High Sierra flavors sometime, because they seem to have somewhat more uncommon ingredients, such as dried apples and pistachios.

My final verdict is…

You can look at the mix and tell everything is high quality, but there’s not a lot that separates this from other brands’ trail mixes. This trail mix simply didn’t “wow” me like the Bear Naked products usually do.

It’s just a good mix of food that you’ll probably enjoy.

Official website: BearNaked.com

[Editor’s note: Bear Naked Trail Mix has been discontinued.]
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