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bear naked fit granola

While regular Bear Naked granola is a natural, whole food made with healthy ingredients, it does contain quite a few calories – 140 in a 1/4 cup.

I eat at least one cup at a time, which would be four servings, or 560 calories. And sometimes I eat the entire 11-serving bag!

So Bear Naked stepped in with Bear Naked Fit, a lower calorie version of their granola.

How much lower? A 1/4 cup serving of Bear Naked Fit contains 120 calories, 2.5g fat, and 3g sugar. Those values are slightly lower than usual (with an emphasis on slightly.)

The Fit granola still contains the typical healthy ingredients (don’t worry, they don’t add sucralose or anything dumb,) but it seems they use less honey and fewer of the calorie-dense ingredients.

For a better idea, continue reading for my taste test of each flavor.

Bear Naked Fit Granola Taste Test

There are two flavors specific to the Fit granola…

bear naked fit vanilla almond crunch

Vanilla Almond Crunch.

This flavor consists of granola chunks, whole almonds, and a little spritzing of vanilla.

The granola itself is a little harder and crunchier than usual. After checking the expiration date (which was still months away,) it hit me – the flavors have “Crunch” in the name and they mean it! Even with milk, this granola is crunchy!

As for the flavor, it was pretty plain – not quite as sweet as usual since there’s no honey coating on the granola. You know, the whole “Fit” thing with fewer calories…

The almonds turned out to be the best part. They were good, especially the ones that had a strong vanilla flavor, which is what made it worth eating.

bear naked fit triple berry crunch

Triple Berry Crunch.

This flavor is based on the same crunchy granola as before, and this time it has some freeze dried fruit (raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries) added in.

I like freeze dried fruit, but overall there isn’t much to this flavor. It’s just dry granola with dried berries. It’s not bad, but it’s not special like the other Bear Naked flavors.

Overall it seems the Fit granola is slightly less sweet, but crunchier than usual. If crunchy is your thing, this could be for you.

The Fit flavors didn’t inspire the same love and affection I have for the regular and Native flavors, but it started to grow on me, so it’s “pretty good.” (The regular Bear Naked is “great” and the Native line is “beyond compare!”)

And this stuff is still best eaten straight out of the bag. Milk just doesn’t add to the flavor or texture.

My final verdict is…

I like the regular Bear Naked granola more than this. This wasn’t that bad, but I doubt I’ll eat any again. If I’m paying this much for a small bag of granola, I’m getting the best tasting, highest-calorie flavor I can find!

But if you’re counting calories and don’t mind a slightly bland flavor and very crunchy texture, this could be right for you. But I’d still encourage you to try the regular flavors instead.

Official website: BearNaked.com

Buy online: at Amazon.com

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