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amacari camu camu supplement

For the past month, I’ve been testing a new supplement called Amaçari. It’s based on Camu Camu, one of many so-called superfruits.

I hadn’t even heard of this one yet, but no surprise, Dr. Oz was one step ahead of me. He had already discovered that this berry “might just be our missing fountain of youth.”

Wow, move over acai berry, goji berry, and every other superfruit that has yet to provide you with any noticeable health benefits despite the same claims!

But wait… there is this slightly important piece of information thrown in at the end of the Dr. Oz article: “While it has not been extensively studied in humans, animal studies suggest it has anti-inflammatory effects.” After the great sales pitch, that’s the dose of reality. Not all that exciting, huh?

Alas, I’m a human guinea pig, and since I’m not pregnant nor breast feeding, I figured why not test it out on myself?

What Is Amaçari?

The specific supplement I tested out was called Amaçari, and it’s made by a company called Amazon Origins.

It consists of 100% Camu Camu. The label refers to it as “Myrciaria dubia Fruit Concentrate,” with Myrciaria dubia being the scientific name for the tree.

Camu Camu is claimed to be “the Amazon’s most potent superfruit.” Since it’s high in antioxidants, it’s basically pitched as an anti-aging supplement.

For a more realistic perspective, just think of it as a fruit that’s extremely high in Vitamin C. (If it turns out to be a truly “super” food, great, it exceeded your expectations.)

You get 2g of the concentrate per 4 capsule serving, with 30 servings in a $29.65 bottle.

Some Background on Camu Camu

Camu Camu is a bushy tree that can be found growing throughout the Amazon rainforest. The supplement is derived from the fruit of this tree.

The fruit has a tangy flavor so it’s not popular to eat plain; instead, it’s harvested for use as a supplement. In addition to the high vitamin C content, it contains the amino acids valine, leucine, and serine.

It all sounds good, but very little testing has been done. I have no idea what a good dose is, what benefits I should expect, or what dangerous side effects may arise.

When has that ever stopped me, though? 🙂

My Amacari Testing and Results

I got a free bottle of pills to test in early June 2014. The bottle recommends taking two capsules twice daily (so, 4 pills per day) which would make this a 30-day supply. But it also says, for optimal results, take 3-4 capsules twice daily (so, 6-8 pills per day.)

I started out taking 4 pills per day, and I did that for a week without feeling any different. So, the second week, I upped my dosage and started taking the 8 pills per day.

At 8 pills per day, I was getting a 4g dose of Camu Camu. That seemed to be in line with the Camu Camu supplements from other companies I respect (Greens Plus for example,) so I figured it would do the trick.

Any difference? Sadly, but not surprisingly, no. Nothing to report, good or bad.

That’s the trouble with my active lifestyle and diet full of fruits, vegetables, and green tea – antioxidant supplements rarely make a noticeable difference.

Nevertheless, I was determined to find a way to enjoy this stuff. (Swallowing 8 capsules each day and not benefiting was no fun!)

So I started emptying out the capsules and sprinkling the powder on my foods and beverages!

I actually enjoy the taste of Camu Camu powder!

It has a tart flavor for sure, but it’s not bitter or sour. It’s similar to many wild fruits. (Being tart and having a mild flavor is a good sign it’s wild and not some genetically modified fruit!)

Honestly, if you’re swallowing these pills, you’re shortchanging yourself. The flavor and experience is something I’d pay for, rather than paying for the capsules in order to avoid the taste (like I do with fish oil.)

amacari powder in green tea

My personal favorite treat is dumping the powder into a glass of plain green tea. The flavors complement each other very well!

Too tart for you? No problem. If you mix it into a fruit smoothie or some type of juice, you probably won’t even taste it.

My final verdict is…

From my research, Amazon Origins appears to be a quality, trustworthy company. And Camu Camu seems to be a healthy food.

But from my testing, I can’t say it actually did anything to improve my health. I enjoyed drinking the powder as an addition to my green tea, but not enough that I’m willing to shell out $30 for another bottle of it.

Official website: www.CamuPure.com

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