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One item of clothing that is oh so nice to have, but can be ridiculously expensive, is a vest. It’s just a thin piece of fabric, and it doesn’t have sleeves, yet it can retail for $70 or more.

You can easily ride in comfort without a vest (I did for years,) but if you can afford one, I highly suggest grabbing one. Maybe you’ll get lucky like I did – I grabbed an Adidas ClimaProof Wind Vest on sale at Nashbar for $15 (it was labeled $49.95 retail.)

So why is a vest so nice? I like them because you can stuff them in your jersey pocket, and if the weather cools off or you hit a stormy area or you’re gaining elevation, you can pull the vest out and put it on. Bam, you’re comfortably warm again!

There are many times when you just need a little bit of extra protection. A jacket would be way too much, but you need something to keep your core warm. Vests are the answer!

Here are my thoughts on my Adidas vest…

Fit and Comfort.

The vest has a good fit. It’s plenty comfortable, and it does not restrict my movement or bunch up.

It was a bit big though. See, my jerseys are usually size Small, but I got this vest in a size Medium to make sure it was big enough to fit over a couple base layers and a jersey. It seems it was already sized to that though, and I would have been better off buying the vest in the same size as my jerseys.

The problem is really only the neck opening. It’s a bit big and open, which lets lots of cold wind down my chest!

Otherwise, it’s nice. It’s very thin and light, and it has a ventilated back to keep you from overheating. (That is welcome ventilation!)

Since it folds up and easily fits in a jersey pocket, it’s comfortable to carry, too.

Wind and rain protection.

Up against some wind? This vest performs surprisingly well. At first you get the sensation of cold arms and face, only to realize, “wow, this little vest is actually keeping my core warm.”

I especially like the windproof seam on the front zipper.

It’s only good for light chills though, and to take the edge off, on descents. If it’s cold, you should be wearing a thick base layer or a full jacket rather than a little vest like this.

Up against a heavy rain, this vest doesn’t do a whole lot. That’s no problem if it’s a light rain on a warm summer day, but during a downpour on a cool spring day, this vest might not be warm enough.


I like the green color. It’s neat. Reflective strips make for a nice touch. (Better visibility for safety purposes.)

The problem!

Like most vests, this one doesn’t have pockets. (That’s no problem, since you would want to use your jersey pockets anyway.)

The back of this vest is so thin you can flip it up and use your jersey pockets. Just slide your hand under the side of the vest and then back around to your jersey pockets.

It’s easy to grab an energy bar, but then there’s a problem – it’s very difficult to put the wrapper back in your pocket! No matter how careful you are, the mesh part of the vest loves to catch on your glove and get stuffed into your pocket too, making sure that the energy bar wrapper will get flung back out and onto the road.

Really, it’s like spring-loaded cling wrap! And it’s so light and stretchy, you can’t tell if it’s between your hand and jersey.

After unintentionally littering a Clif Shot gel pack on the highway, I decided from now on I’ll have to stop and pull off the road before putting an energy bar or gel wrapper back into my pocket. A pain in the ass, but not a deal-breaker.

My final verdict is…

This is a pretty nice vest for $15. It packs easily and keeps me warm on windy days around 50-60 degrees. If you need a lightweight vest and can find this one on sale for $15, I’d say go for it.

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