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Boyce Mayview Park is a small park (about 400 acres) nestled right in the township of Upper St Clair, PA. If you live or work nearby, it makes for a nice lunchtime or evening trail running destination.

Do not get it confused with Boyce Park, though, which is on the opposite side of Pittsburgh!

Getting There

The main address for the park is this:

Boyce Mayview Park
1543 Mayview Rd
Upper St Clair, PA 15241

This is the main entrance with easy access to all the park buildings and various sports fields.

If you are only concerned with hiking, there are a few other parking areas along Boyce Road and Morton Road. (I suggest the lot that’s next to Ardolino’s Pizza.)

boyce mayview park trail

Hiking at Boyce Mayview Park

The park offers somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 miles of hiking trails (depending on if you count the gravel roads) of easy to moderate difficulty.

Though some of the trails are the width of a sidewalk, most of the trails are narrow singletrack that winds through the woods. The best part is, the woods are so dense that you think you’re much deeper in the woods than you actually are. It’s a great feeling.

The more difficult trails are not only narrow, but also steep and technical. You’ll encounter a few rocks, lots of roots, and the occasional log to step over.

Overall though, the trails are best suited for trail running. The trails are nowhere near as technically challenging as the ones at McConnell’s Mill, so you can pick up the pace without taking too much risk.

boyce mayview park muddy trails

The only thing to really slow you down is the mud. And yes, even in July, you are likely to encounter a few muddy sections.

A trail map in PDF format can be found on the Parks & Fields page of the Upper St. Clair website.

Definitely check out the Duckbill Trail and the Little Falls Trail; and for a nice climb, go to the Queen Maple Trail.

Many of the trails are dog-friendly.

Mountain Biking in Boyce Mayview Park

I have seen a few tire tracks, but to my knowledge, bikes are not allowed on the park’s trails. (I have no idea, really, but when it doubt, I assume bikes are not allowed.)

The trails are not well-suited to mountain biking, anyway. Most of them would be boring, and the good ones would be too difficult for most riders.

If you want to bike, I’d hop on the Montour Trail or head over to South Park.

Fishing in Chartier’s Creek

Chartier’s Creek borders one side of the park. This is a nice stream and is fairly popular for fishing. On nice days, I typically see a few fishermen wading in the shallower sections.

It does look like it would make for some fun kayaking, too, but I’m not sure if the water is deep enough.

Note: Do not fish in the PennDOT Wetlands area!

Enjoying the Scenery

In my opinion, the best part of the park is the variety and abundance of good scenery! There are dense woods, open fields, streams and ponds, waterfalls, vegetable gardens, and tons of wildlife.

The fields and meadows are nice, and the trees are even better. Then you have the ponds, streams, and even a few small waterfalls. Along one of the trails you’ll find the remains of an old spring house.

boyce mayview park frog

Expect to see tons of wildlife! No matter the time of day, I always see something. Birdwatching is popular, especially around the wetlands area. I see ducks, geese, and blue herons frequently. Whitetail deer are out grazing each evening; I’ve also seen a coyote and a raccoon! I also see at least one snake on every trip (the friendly, non-venomous ones.)

Nearby Attractions

Looking for more trails? South Park is a 2,013 acre park located nearby in Bethel Park, PA. You’ll find hiking and bike trails, a BMX track, a wave pool, and more.

Hungry from a long day on the trail? Walk right out from the Boyce Mayview parking lot and into the parking lot at Ardolino’s Pizza (located at 1141 Boyce Road.) You can smell their cooking from the trails, so if you’re on a diet, it might be best to park at a different lot!


Have you ever been to Boyce Mayview Park? If so, please share your experience in the comments!


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