There is no denying that LARABAR is one of the best tasting energy bars available. Ever since I ate my first one and subsequently wrote a review of them, I’ve been chowing down on them whenever I get a chance.

Which is why I’m stoked to be the “LARABAR Fan of the Day.”

You can see me on their blog and read all about it here. Check it out!

[Note: Unfortunately this part of their blog no longer exists!]
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  1. They are tasty. I think I’ll eat one right now. I keep some in my desk.

  2. Maybe you should be a ‘fan of the day’ next week 🙂

  3. Maannn, Larabar has horrendous customer service. They may have decent fruit/nut bars but when they call them “Jocalat”? That is just cheap. Had I know, I would not have shelled out 3 bucks for a brick of compressed dates.

    I commented on their blog with this message a 2 days ago, it has mysteriously vanished:

    So I sent this comment thru Larabar’s site last SUMMER, I never got a reply….

    Hi Larabar,

    Wow! With the influence of the West Coast and just choosing a healthier lifestyle I am familiar with your brand but did not have any of your bars until recently, and I regret to say that I was so disappointed with your product! I really expected Larabar, being pricey and with all its healthy, natural, fair trade propaganda, to actually taste good and deliver to its reputation. Well, I guess I am like all the other suckers. I bought your “Chocolate Jocalat”, took a bite and became seriously confused. I had a few more bites of this “chocolate” bar but could not taste any chocolate! Looking at the wrapper I realized that the first ingredient of the “Chocolate Jocalat” bar was DATES?! What a scam. I am sure I am not the first to be duped by this awful mislabelling. How can you call this a chocolate bar when all you taste is dates and some sort of crunchy fruit leather texture? I admit I should have looked more carefully before purchasing but still this is questionable advertising! Could you please get back to me and explain this hugely misleading claim you make about your product?! Honestly, I don’t mind date/nut bars that much- in fact I love them- however when I make a purchase of a product labelled “Chocolate Jocalat” I have chocolatey expectations.


    As you can see, it was already the second time I tried to reach them about customer satisfaction…
    and yet on their website it states, “Everyone at Larabar fully respects and supports blogging as means for people to express themselves”. Selective expression, perhaps?

    Why is it so difficult for them to address my very simple concerns about their product?

  4. @Crystal

    I’m sorry but I would have to take Larabar’s side on this. All their bars are based on dates and the flavor listed on the bar is simply the additional flavor.

    For example, the cherry pie bar is a date bar with some dried cherries. Likewise, the chocolate bars are date bars with a little cocoa powder.

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