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Tea is bad for your teeth?

What a load of BS. One of my friends told me that the reason English people have bad teeth is because they drink a lot of tea. I’ve never been to England, so I had no idea that they supposedly have bad teeth… But that rumor doesn’t really matter, because tea is definitely NOT bad for your teeth.

I’ll keep drinking a few glasses of tea every day to improve my health. My teeth are perfectly fine, and I don’t see why I should give up tea, which has so many other health benefits I can’t even begin to list them all.

I found a really old study from 2003 saying that herbal tea can hurt teeth, but I’m not falling for it. In the rest of my research, I have only found sites that say how good tea is. This story, for instance, looks trustworthy.

So from now on, keep drinking your tea in peace and ignore people who don’t know what they are talking about 🙂

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  1. Why thank you kind friend.
    You drink your tea in peace as well. 😀

  2. Looks like BS alright.

    All through my life up to this point, I have been having tea in the mornings and have realized its great energizing potential (plus lots of other health benefits)

    Its a staple drink for world champs, the Kenyan runners up in the mountains. What better endorsement for tea than that!

  3. I happen to be English and hadn’t heard of the bad teeth stereo type until I moved over to the states when people commented on my nice teeth. Now granted there are lots of people with bad teeth I don’t think that its the tea (I still consume mass amounts of tea) I think it is the sugar. I put a teaspoon or two in my tea and this is probably the reason. Some peoples teeth are naturally weaker than others. Coffee, sweeteners and other things will also make your teeth look bad.

  4. Tea is not “bad” for your teeth in the way that it will accellerate tooth decay, but it does leave yellow stains like coffee does (ask for dentist) which is where this misunderstanding probably originated from. I’ll keep drinking it either way.

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