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How To Really “Have It Your Way” At A Restaurant

Have you ever gone out to eat and made a special request for your food to be prepared in a more healthy manner? Sometimes you’ll get lucky and the restaurant will bend over backwards for you. Sometimes you’ll get no sympathy.

But there is a solution that will get your food prepared properly in most cases. You just have to stretch the truth a little bit…

“I’m highly allergic to trans fats, I almost suffocated last time I went out to eat due to my throat swelling up. Could you please cook mine with organic extra virgin coconut oil?” 😉

That’s just one example, feel free to make up your own and embellish it. It’s best to emphasize how you’ll cause a big scene (by throwing up, passing out, choking, etc.) so the restaurant realizes it will be easier to comply with your request than to clean up the mess if they don’t!

“Is that really necessary?”

Yes it is. You never really know how the food is prepared, despite what it says in the menu. For example, your chicken could come from a flat-top grill instead of a flame grill. If that’s the case, it’s getting coated in oil like any other pan-fried dish.

Take a look at this article at to learn more about misconceptions when it comes to restaurants, along with what to do about it.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. I was especially surprised to hear about the grilled food and the salads. It’s ashamed that you can be under the impression that you’re receiving healthy food, when in fact you’re unwittingly receiving unhealthy food.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that article. Really enjoyed it. But I have to say, a lot of the ‘issues’ are part of the deal.

    If you really want to ensure you are eating exactly what you want, cook it yourself.

    Resteraunts are in the business of feeding people, yes. But there’s also more. I go to a resteraunt for the experience. If you start asking for all of these special things, it’s going to take longer to prepare your food. Are you going to be happy if you’re there for a long time waiting?

    Once again. If you want something cooked a certain way, cook it yourself.

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